This is the month that was….

…February. It’s a busy month in the Knight household; not only was it Valentine’s Day ❤️ but it was double birthdays! It was my birthday however three days before it was my eldest’s 8th birthday and unsurprisingly, it gets the attention.. But I did get spoilt in my own way by friends and family with books, gin and sweet treats…. and an amazing poster that has the full Murder On The Orient Express text on it. Just need a frame not to stick up in my reading corner – watch out on Instagram for that!

And how’s about this glorious weather? Warmest February in years!! I’ve even been hanging washing out and going out without any sort of jacket! And to think back in October, the headlines were suggesting we’d have four (!) months of snow and ice…I for one am seriously relieved they got it wrong! Just need to get through March now!

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This is the month that was…

…January. New year, new challenges! January is the month for setting goals – I say goals as resolutions for me are there to be broken. As with many people, I focusing on my health as I *may* have overindulge last year with everything going on and somehow managed to put on a stone. So January 1st, the hubby told me about this boxing fitness “game” he could get a demo for on the Nintendo Switch (Mr Knight is a bit of a gamer). I gave this game a try and promptly reserved myself a copy from Argos. And I’ve done it 6 out of 7 nights a week…boy I ache from doing it!! But it’s a great stress reliever after a rubbish day 🥊🥊

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This is the month that was…

Christmas Wallpapers5

…December. So that’s it, the year is done, 2019 will be here in the morning! I hope you’ve all had a fabulous Christmas and managed to have some time with friends and/or family. I’ve got to admit 2018 hasn’t been my favourite but it’s had its highlights and A Knight’s Reads is definitely one of them.

It’s been a whirlwind first 11 months since I hit that publish button on Thursday 1 February with my review of Graham Smith’s Past Echoes. So I just want to say thank you everyone for all your support, shares, comments and just reading what I’ve got to say 💖💖💖 Continue reading

This is the month that was…

Light Fire Sky Fireworks Night Firework Nature Wallpaper Hd For Mobile

…November. Winter has finally landed don’t you think?  We’ve had Bonfire Night, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, all the Christmas lights have been switched on and the shops are full of Christmas cheer….who’s putting their tree up tomorrow? As you might have guessed I love a bit of Christmas! Continue reading

This Is The Month That Was……


…..October. Happy Halloween 🎃👻 So the operation recovery/sick leave continued into the heart of autumn. I’m gradually making my way to the world of work and hopefully back to the office next week.

Another productive month: I’ve finished my marathon viewing of Suits (I’m up to date), watched Bodyguard, started and finished the rather wicked Lucifer – Oh my Tom Ellis 😍 and we’ve had the first female Doctor. Don’t know about you, but I’m suitably impressed with her. Continue reading