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Happy Friday everyone! Are you ready to shake off the stresses of the working week and partake in some shirking, resting and playing? Yes I’m thrilled to be closing the blog tour for Shirk, Rest and Play: The Ultimate Slacker’s Bible by Andrew Grumbridge and Vincent Raison.

My thanks to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours for inviting me to join the tour and to Unbound for my copy of Shirk, Rest and Play.

The Blurb

Have you forgotten how to relax and enjoy yourself? Do you run around in circles mistaking dizziness for happiness? Your troubles are over, for you hold in your hands the means to take control of your destiny, to turn your back on obligation and conformity, or at least hide from them in the toilets for a bit.

Shirk, Rest and Play is a comprehensive illustrated handbook for wannabe drop-outs, dreamers, drifters and gadabouts. Authors Andrew Grumbridge and Vincent Raison – along with their panoply of wastrel acquaintances – offer ruminations about finding beauty in the ordinary, lessons in tactical slacking and detailed advice on how to get more out of life by doing less.

They cover all aspects of modern existence, moving smartly through Childhood, Work, Leisure, Home, Money, Health & Beauty and, of course, Death, where even amid the tears and sadness, you can still find plates of mini-burgers.

This book is the call to arms you’ve been waiting for, giving you all the tips, shortcuts and (de)motivation you need to duck out of the system and live life on your own terms.
Grumbridge said: “In this second and final book of the ‘Deserter Trilogy’ we have committed to the page everything we’ve learnt about pleasure-seeking, slacking off and making do. Now we can retire again.”

What Did I Think?

I know I for one struggle with shirking and resting. As a mum of two, it’s difficult so I need some tips on how to be more of a slacker! Enter Shirk, Rest and Play – the Ultimate Slacker’s Bible. This book takes on all aspects of life and shows you and me how to find pleasure and relaxation with limited effort.

Lunch.. is the reward for mornings

Love that thought! I look forward to my lunch break; back in the office it was the thought of the canteen pudding if it was crumble day or just that guilt free trip to the opposite end of the building to heat my lunch up. Sad I know but lunch marks the half way point of the day and yes it is a reward for dealing with the morning!

The section on Diet and Dieting is amusing. It is a travesty that the potato is not one of your five a day!! And they are bang on right that people will still drink beer whether or not they’re told there are health benefits.

There’s even a quiz at the end of the book to make sure you’ve been paying attention. Don’t think I’ve ever read a book with a quiz at the end. The only ones I’ve seen have been the ones my kids bring home from school on the Oxford Reading Tree programme!

Shirk, Rest and Play is a truly unique look on life. It’s an entertaining read about how to get the most out of life whilst doing the least. Whether you’re starting out on trying to be more of a slacker or you’re an expert looking for more tips, this is a fun read which has encouraged me to try to get a little more out of life without too much exertion!

Who are Andrew Grumbridge & Vincent Raison?

Andrew Grumbidge and Vincent Raison founded the lifestyle blog Deserter in 2014 to pass on their learnings so that future generations could avoid the evils of hard work, ambition and sobriety. Nevertheless, the blog led to the acclaimed alt-travel book Today South London, Tomorrow South London (Unbound, 2018), an Evening Standard comedy book of the year. Their Deserter Pubcast has been lauded as an ‘essential’ listen by both the Sunday Times and Esquire. Both authors live in south London. / @deserterblog


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