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🎉🎉🎉 HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY TO NINA MANNING 🎉🎉🎉 The 3am Shattered Mums’ Club is out today!!

My thanks to Rachel Gibley of Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me to join the blog tour and to Boldwood Books for my advanced e-copy of The 3am Shattered Mums’ Club which I received through Netgalley. I also preordered a copy which arrived on my Kindle this morning.

The Blurb

Three best friends. One late-night lifeline.

Meet Aisha, Sophy and Mel. Three new mums. All absolutely shattered.

For her social media fans, influencer Sophy has the picture-perfect life. But why does she feel so lonely all the time?

Older mum Mel wasn’t planning on being a mum later in life. What does this all mean for the career that she loved? Can she ever go back?

And Aisha, whose much loved twin boys bring her so much joy, but have caused a rift in her own family that she isn’t sure she can ever fix.

Navigating this new world of motherhood is hard. And the only sanity these three friends have is their 3am mums’ club, where they can chat and support each other in the dark of the night as their babies, finally, finally sleep.

But in the still of the night, secrets are revealed that could turn all their lives upside down…. more than they already are!

Bestselling author Nina Manning is back with a brand-new story of mum guilt, parenting pitfalls and friendship around the clock.

What Did I Think?

Night feeding is a sleep killer. It’s one of the loneliest times for a mum of a newborn. Everyone else is asleep, it’s just you and the bambino. That is until the little one gets what they need from you and goes back to sleep just like that, leaving you wide awake whilst the world around you sleeps. Yes I’ve been there and done that.

Meet Sophy, Aisha and Mel. Three great main characters who are going through new mum life so to speak in three very different ways but a chance meeting at a cancelled baby group creates an instant click and a trio of entertainment.

This is a great read about three women’s experience of being a mum and all the stresses, strains that comes with it. As a mum myself, I could identify with elements of this trio’s struggles. But Manning didn’t labour the struggles; she instead showed the shared knowledge and support this trio give to each other to get through the ups and the downs.

Having enjoyed Manning’s psych-thriller Queen Bee, I was keen to read more for the author. The 3am Shattered Mums’ Club is a very different kind of read, no mess-with-your-head that comes with a psych-thriller. But, it is an addictive read. These three women each dealt with their situation in a different way and there lay a degree of tension and intrigue. Manning seems be able to switch between the dark and the light side of fiction with ease. Bravo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Who Is Nina Manning?

Nina Manning studied psychology and was a restaurant-owner and private chef (including to members of the royal family). She is the founder and co-host of Sniffing The Pages, a book review podcast. Her debut psychological thriller, The Daughter in Law, was a bestseller in the UK, US, Australia and Canada. She lives in Dorset.

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