20 Books Of Summer: July Update #20BooksOfSummer

Happy Sunday!!! So it’s the end of July and I’m two thirds of the way through the #20BooksOfSummer challenge!

As mentioned in my sign up post, I am updating you lovely people with my progress! You can catch how I did in June in my previous update.

At the last count, I’d started and finished 9 books, leaving 11 to go…

What Have I Read So Far?

I’ve swapped in The Divinities by Parker Bilal as one of my reads.

It might not a massive reading month but alongside a beta read, life has taken precedence.

What’s Left To Read?

The books above were those of selected at the end of June but I’ll admit, my current read is not in the #20BooksOfSummer selection 🙈🙈 So I’m going to swap Marilyn out (sorry Maz) and bring in a bit of gritty Yorkshire crime!

What a palaver 😆 Either way, I’ve got 5 books to go! I think I might manage this! 🤞🤞

So how’s everyone else doing?!

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