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Massive thanks to Zaffre Books for my advanced e-copy that I received through Netgalley.

The Blurb


Charlotte Goodwin looks directly at the camera and reveals a chilling truth to the thousands watching her Instagram Live broadcast. She has killed her ex-boyfriend’s new partner in cold blood. But she is not finished yet. With bloodied hands she takes a calm sip of tea before continuing. The viewers must now vote to decide whether he should live or die.

The public display sends shockwaves rippling through the online community and the numbers of viewers skyrockets. But as Lincoln’s past is revealed, how will he be judged?

Bonded by mutual tragedy, Charlotte’s three best friends have supported each other through the soaring highs and devastating lows of their lives. Now, in Charlotte’s hour of need, her friends also face a choice, whether to help her get away with murder.

The Hive explores our darkest fears of the relationship between social media and mental health, but, most importantly, the strength of sisterhood against all the odds.

What Did I Think?

😱😱😱 what an opener!!! One dead body, live stream of another potential victim, all awaiting public vote! Does Lincoln live or die???

The relationship between Charlotte and Linc is toxic, whirlwind but toxic. The better I got to know this couple both at their best and their worst, I really wanted to wrench Charlotte away from this positively horrible male specimen. Maybe even a bit of memory whipping. Despite his likeable public persona, his private self is far from likeable and to be honest, I don’t blame Charlotte wanting to kill him after what I read!

Scattered through the dark soap opera that is Linc and Charlotte’s tempestuous relationship is The Hive. Social media commentary that could have been lifted straight from the Twitter feed of a celebrity publication – the whole public discussion when no one knows the real story. I don’t know how Charlotte resisted the bait left!

I devoured The Hive. The pace of the story kept me racing through the narrative. As in already knew Charlotte was going to kill Lincoln’s girlfriend and let the crowd decide his fate, I needed to understand the why and how. I seriously enjoyed this psychological thriller from Brade. It ticked all the boxes for this psych-thriller lover!

Who Is Scarlett Brade?

Scarlett Brade is the daughter of parents who migrated from the Caribbean to England in the early 1970s. She was born and educated in London, though as a child she spent her summers in Canada, where she developed her love affair with reading. When not writing Scarlett spends most of her time cooking, drinking fine wines, and entertaining family and friends. The Hive is her first psychological thriller, and she is currently writing her second


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