20 Books Of Summer: June Update #20BooksOfSummer

So it’s the end of June and I’m a third of the way through the #20BooksOfSummer challenge!

As mentioned in my sign up post, I am updating you lovely people with my progress!

What Have I Read So Far?

So that’s 8 from the original 15 choices down which I’m rather chuffed about. BUT and it’s a big but, I’ve not written all the reviews up yet!

Yes there is a wee free choice read in there in the form of Diary of A Penguin Napper. I’ve had that on my kindle for a while and it gave me that light relief in amongst hectic work and the bloodthirsty crime thrillers!

What’s Left To Read?

Then there is also my five (now four) unchosen books to add – well I went and filled three of those slots easily…

And as I told you yesterday, I’m reading The Divinities by Parker Bilal so I can imagine that will fill slot number 4!

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