The Box by Dan Malakin @DanMalakin @ViperBooks #bookreview

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I’m reviewing The Box which came out on Thursday. I had hoped to get my review finished to post on publication day but life (work) didn’t let my brain cope with sorting it out – please accept my apologies 🙏🏻

Big thanks to Viper Books for my proof copy of The Box.

The Blurb

Ed Truman’s family is falling apart. His daughter Ally is being targeted by an alt-right incel organisation, Men Together. His house is being picketed, former clients are accusing him of sexual assault, his son won’t speak to him. And then Ally disappears.

Frantic, Ed suspects that Men Together have abducted her. But before he can go to the police, his DNA is found on the body of a young woman. Suddenly he’s the subject of a nationwide manhunt, led by the tenacious DCI Jackie Rose. Ed finds himself on the run with Ally’s friend, Phoenix, who claims to know where Ally is. But what is the truth? Is Ed a violent sexual predator? Or is he the victim of a ruthless conspiracy? The answers are in The Box. But not everyone who goes in, comes out alive…

From the bestselling author of The Regret, this heart-pounding thriller is perfect for readers of Harlan Coben, Mark Billingham and M.W. Craven.

What Did I Think?

What a seriously creepy and unnerving prologue. That poor poor little girl 😢😢 I felt rattled reading what happened to her. Was this a sign of things to come?!

Ed is in one serious pickle. His daughter’s missing and he’s accused of murder. His face is everywhere and the police are after him and they aren’t the only ones. The rather tenacious Men Together are doing whatever it takes to get to him but why??!

I finished The Box feeling slightly numb, bewildered. My brain was racing through the event of Ed’s life before being brought to a sudden halt. The lengths Ed’s happy (ish) existence is ripped apart over such a short space of time is shocking. The true extent of Men Together’s reach shook me as I read chapter after chapter.

The Box is a techno thriller in a kind of way. It is brilliantly written and a very unique concept. Malakin has curated an intricate narrative to intrigue and capture this thriller reader’s mind. I’ll be adding The Regret to my TBR very soon.

Who Is Dan Malakin?

Dan Malakin has twice been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize, and his debut novel, The Regret, was a Kindle bestseller. When not writing thrillers, Dan works as a data security consultant, teaching corporations how to protect themselves from hackers. He lives in North London with his wife and daughter.

His new novel, an action thriller called The Box, will be released by Viper Books in June 2022