20 Books of Summer 2022 – Sign Up Post #20BooksofSummer22 #SummerReadingList

I’ve seen lots of other bloggers do the #20BooksofSummer challenge over the years and I’ve often been tempted. So 2022 is the year I thrown my book hat in the ring and accept the challenge.

Hosted by Cathy@746books, the #20BooksofSummer is a reading challenge from 1 June to 1 September encouraging you to read up to 20 books from your TBR. Cathy herself admits that the rules are very slack and not to worry if you don’t manage to make it. Anyone is welcome to join in the challenge – just pick your 20 books (or 15, or 10) to read over the summer, write a post about them and then sign up to the page on 746 Books! You can share your lists and your progress on twitter using #20BooksofSummer22

I’ve already got a few blog tours booked in and have some advanced copies to read for their respective publication days over the next three months (or just after) so they are automatically on the list….

So I’ve got another 8 to pick if I want to hit the magic 20 – before you tell me I can’t count, I have one blog tour where the cover hasn’t been revealed yet but my date is booked in.

In keeping with my self made promise, I’m going to add a nonfiction read to the challenge. I’ve picked this one as I said I wanted to read them before #NonfictionNovember this year.

So that’s the unlucky 13. So I’m going to pick two from my overloaded Netgalley shelf so I’ve got 5 wildcards to play with!

So that’s my starter for 10 (well 15), we’ll see if the latter three stay or are swapped out …. I’m going to post an update at the end of June and July with a final round up at the end of August/beginning of September so wish me luck! I’m hoping to get a head start given it’s a double bank holiday here in the UK this week 🤞🤞

Anyone else taking part? Any top tips for a newbie to the challenge?!

12 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer 2022 – Sign Up Post #20BooksofSummer22 #SummerReadingList

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  2. Top tip : if you’re struggling with a book, set it aside and start something else. Also, head starts are cheating 😂.

    Have fun and good luck! I really have to finish my list 🤦🏼‍♀️

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  3. Exciting! I’ve excluded all NetGalley and review copies which terrifies me every year – sometimes I finish the challenge, sometimes I don’t! It’s all fun and so relaxed so no worries if you swap books or whatever. Enjoy!

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