Rockdown in Lockdown by Adam Maxwell @ISayItsAdam #publicationday #bookreview #kilchesterirregulars

🎉🎉🎉 HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY TO ADAM MAXWELL 🎉🎉🎉 Rockdown In Lockdown is finally out today!!!

Massive thank you to the author for my advanced e-copy of Rockdown In Lockdown. I also preordered an e-copy which arrived on my kindle this morning.

The Blurb

Violet Winters was a master criminal. A one-woman crimewave. Until lockdown happened. Now she’s stuck in the house catching up on box sets and ordering crap off the internet.

And then she finds out about The Lakehouse. A former rehab facility, the residents have been thrown out and replaced with a roll-call of some of the most dangerously stupid celebrities in this hemisphere all indulging in a torrent of excess while the rest of the world cowers in their beds.

And that doesn’t sit well with Violet.

At the centre of the The Lakehouse is a vault and inside… the combined riches of every one of these over-privileged idiots. Violet hatches a cunning plan to pull off an audacious robbery and begins by planting a man on the inside.

But when does anything ever go to plan?

With a social media starlet hell-bent on revealing Violet’s identity to her millions of followers and a deranged MMA fighter on their trail things rapidly go from bad to worse.

If she can pull off the world’s only socially-distanced heist, it will be the stuff of legend.

If she can’t she might very well end up floating face-down in the lake.

Rockdown in Lockdown is the latest book in the Kilchester series. It mixes high-octane heist shenanigans with sharp, surreal wit.

What Did I Think?

Lockdown has hit Kilchester, just like everywhere. That’s rather problematic for the crew who need to con people and move freely to pull off their heist. But this is a cunning crew with criminal mastermind Violet at the helm. Can they pull off a heist in this strange world?!

With their joint efforts and individual skills, the Kilchester crew can achieve anything they put their minds to – after all they did, ooops nearly gave away a spoiler from a previous con there. But yes they are criminal masterminds who won’t let anything get in their way once they have their eyes on the prize … though they haven’t met Delores Ontario, social media slu… I mean influencer… She may be looking upwards to fame and international stardom but she’s not as dim as she acts … will she blow their plans to smithereens through her online presence?!

Rockdown In Lockdown is a fab read. Maxwell has put his unique twist on the pandemic to make an highly entertaining trip to Kilchester. I adore my trips to Kilchester, they make me smile, a slightly more witty side of the crime fiction genre. And in the world we have all been living in for the past couple of years we need something to poke fun at stuff!

Lockdown? Pah! That’s not going to stop the Kilchester crew in this highly entertaining caper to pull off the heist of the pandemic, bazooka and all!

Who Is Adam Maxwell?

Adam Maxwell lives in the wilds of Northumberland and claims he writes crime novels. This is, in part, true.

His Kilchester and Defective Detective series are darkly funny crime stories that aren’t necessarily comedies. Although you will probably find that you laugh a lot. His fast-paced writing style tears along at breakneck speed and is littered with memorable characters.

To find out more you can visit his website