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🥂🥂🥂HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY TO CAROLINE MITCHELL 🥂🥂🥂 The Village is out today !!!

Many thanks to Amazon Publishing / Thomas & Mercer for my advanced e-copy of The Village which I received through Netgalley. I also preordered a kindle copy which magically appeared this morning.

The Blurb

From the bestselling author of the DI Amy Winter series comes a thriller about a shocking disappearance – and the village that has conspired to keep the truth buried.

Ten years ago, the Harper family disappeared. Their deserted cottage was left with the water running, the television playing cartoons, the oven ready for baking. The doors were locked from the inside.

Overnight, the sleepy village of Nighbrook became notorious as the scene of the unsolved mystery of the decade, an epicentre for ghoulish media speculation.

For crime journalist Naomi, solving the case has turned into an obsession. So now, with Ivy Cottage finally listed for sale, it’s her chance to mount an investigation like no other. And her husband and stepdaughter don’t really need to know what happened in their new home… do they?

But Nighbrook isn’t quite the village she expected. No one wants to talk to her. No one will answer her questions. And as she becomes increasingly uneasy, it’s clear that the villagers are hiding something—that there is something very dark at the heart of this rural idyll. And the deeper she digs, the more it seems her investigation could be more dangerous than she ever imagined… In raking up the secrets of the past, has she made her own family the next target?

What Did I Think?

That’s one hell of an intriguing prologue! I knew I was in for a treat after reading that opener! I had to know what happened to the Harpers???!

But that will have to wait as I move into Ivy Cottage with the Wards, one dysfunctional family! Naomi is trying her hardest with stepdaughter Morgan but this angst-filled teen is having none of it. But soon it becomes a situation of them against us as the villagers of Nighbrook are hell bent on making them feel unwelcome … BUT WHY???!

I loved the way Mitchell kept me on my toes by switching perspectives so quickly. I got both sides of the present story with brief insights to lead up to the Harpers’ disappearance and boy were those snippets mind-boggling!

The Village is one hell of a dark and unnerving read. Mitchell has wrapped it up with her signature sinisterness that had me looking over my shoulder to make sure I wasn’t the one being followed or watched. My heart was racing as the story hit its shocking climax. You need to read this if you love your psych-thrillers twisted and dark!

Who Is Caroline Mitchell?

A former police detective, Caroline Mitchell now writes full-time.

She has worked in CID and specialised in roles dealing with vulnerable victims—high-risk victims of domestic abuse and serious sexual offences. The mental strength shown by the victims of these crimes is a constant source of inspiration to her, and Mitchell combines their tenacity with her knowledge of police procedure to create tense psychological thrillers.

Originally from Ireland, she now lives in a pretty village on the coast of Essex with her husband and three children.

You can find out more about her at, or follow her on Twitter (@caroline_writes) or Facebook ( To download a free short story, please join her newsletter here:

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