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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Paperback Publication Day to Dorothy Koomson 🎉🎉🎉 I Know What You’ve Done is out in paperback today!

My thanks to Headline Review and ed.pr for my proof copy of I Know What You’ve Done.

The Blurb

What if one of your neighbours was trying to kill you?

Do you have any idea what the people you know are capable of? Bestselling author of All My Lies Are True, Dorothy Koomson, asks how well you can really know your neighbours. Fans of Lisa Jewell and Louise Candlish will rip through the pages of this addictive new thriller.

When Rae answers her front door one afternoon, her neighbour, Priscilla, thrusts a book into her hands before collapsing.

After Priscilla is rushed to hospital, Rae discovers the book is actually a diary full of all their neighbours’ deepest secrets.

Rae knows she should hand the book over to the police investigating Priscilla’s attack… but she’s spotted her husband’s name in the diary and she needs to know what he – and everyone else – has done.

But if someone tried to kill Priscilla to keep their secret, how long before Rae is in danger, too?

A book of secrets. A neighbourhood of suspects. A dozen reasons to kill.

What Did I Think?

What a tangled web the residents of Acacia Villas weave.,… and Priscilla Calvert has somehow managed to get herself murdered for what she’s discovered and oh my nothing gets past Priscilla. She notices everything. Wouldn’t be surprised if she knew someone was pregnant before they even peed on a stick!!!

I struggled to start with, the chapters jumped between characters’ perspectives and I couldn’t quite get my feet under the proverbial table before I was moved on to another character, kind of speed dating style. It might be down to stresses in the real world distracting me rather than the book. But I persevered as I wanted to read I Know What You’ve Done. I’d heard so many people loving Koomson’s writing so I had to dip my toe!

I had settled on a suspect but as the ace picked up at the end and Rae ramped up the pressure on the Acacia Villas residents, my mind started jumping accusing everyone!

I Know What You’ve Done is a murder mystery where everyone has motive. Priscilla had dirt on everyone. The twists and turns of Koomson’s narrative kept me going through my initial struggle and I wanted to know who killed Priscilla! My first taster of Koomson’s writing has left me knowing I want to read more!

Who Is Dorothy Koomsom?

Dorothy Koomson is the award-winning author of fifteen novels including the Sunday Times bestsellers My Best Friend’s Girl, The Ice Cream Girls and Goodnight, Beautiful. Dorothy’s novels have been translated into over 30 languages, and a TV adaptation based on The Ice Cream Girls was shown on ITV1 in 2013. After briefly living in Australia, Dorothy now lives in Brighton.