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Happy Monday everyone! I’m kicking off Christmas week with another festive review.

Poppy’s Christmas Wishes is Annette Hannah’s third novel and was published earlier this month. It’s currently at a bargain price to download from your favourite e-book seller!

The Blurb

What would you wish for if you were granted three wishes?

For the first time she can remember, Poppy is dreading Christmas. Unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend after moving across the country for him, there’s nothing cheery about the festive season this year.

Dragged to a Christmas ball by best friend Layla, Poppy meets gorgeous actor Gabe, who stars as a genie in a play. When he asks her what three wishes she would make, she realises it’s quite simple: love, a job she’s happy in and, just once in her life, to do something extraordinary. 

Gabe and Poppy make a pact to help each other make their dreams come true. As they tick off their wishes, their friendship blossoms… But, as they discover, sometimes, what you want for Christmas isn’t necessarily what you need…

A delicious romance to snuggle up with this festive season from the author of Wedding Bells at the Signal Box Café and The Cosy Little Cupcake Van.

What Did I Think?

Poppy has been screwed over by the love of her life and abandoned miles from home without a friend in sight. No wonder she doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas. Enter stage left bestie Layla and stranger Gabe to help this heartbroken scouser put a smile back on her face.

What ensues is new friendships, surprises, personal challenges and some serious sexual tension!!! Life is definitely not quiet in Bramblewood for Poppy. I loved the journey I went on with Poppy. After getting the worst Christmas present from her ex, she deserved some happiness and I was desperate for her to find some.

I devoured this festive read over the course of an afternoon, escaping from the stress of real life for a few hours. And what an escape it was. I adored the characters playing their integral part in Poppy’s road from heartbreak. And I loved the surprises I encountered along the way!

This is another emotional rollercoaster from the keyboard of Hannah but it’s definitely more ups than downs. But I won’t deny there were tears, very very sad tears. This woman packs a punch when she pulls the heartstrings. I loved the first two books from Annette Hannah but I think I loved Poppy’s Christmas Wishes that little bit more.

Who Is Annette Hannah?

Annette Hannah is a Liver Bird who relocated to leafy Hertfordshire in the 80’s and now lives near a river with her husband, two of their three grown up children and a crazy black cocker spaniel. She writes Romantic comedies in settings inspired by the beautiful countryside around her and always with a nod to her hometown.

She worked in Marketing for many years as a qualified Marketeer which she loved as it tapped into her creative side.

As an avid reader, she began to review the books she read, became a book blogger and eventually plucked up the courage to fulfil her life long dream of writing a book. 

For four years she was a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s new writers’ scheme, during which time she wrote a book a year.

After signing a two book deal with Orion Dash in 2020 she graduated to full member of the organisation and is also their Press Officer.

She loves long walks along the river, travelling to far flung places and spending time with her friends and family.

You can follow her on twitter @annettehannah

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  1. That does sound like a good one. So far I’ve read two e-books with proper Christmas themes (after a few wintery ones that weren’t strictly Christmassy), one was pretty good and very kind, the other an uneasy mix of too much raunch and social/community conscience!! Reviews to come, and I’m reading a slightly more conventional paper one now.


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