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Whoop whoop! It’s the weekend!! And to celebrate, I’m sharing my thoughts on Mel Sherratt’s latest thriller, The Life She Wants.

Massive thanks to Noelle Holten for the invite to join the #BooksOnTour and to Bookouture for my advanced e-copy of The Life She Wants that I received through Netgalley. I also preordered a copy for my kindle that arrived last week.

The Blurb

From behind the curtains, Sarah spotted the man coming out of the house, followed by the woman. It would be strange seeing people in the property. She wondered how much it would change their lives. For now, she would bide her time and hopefully get to know them better. She needed to gain their trust.

When I met Richard, I fell for him instantly. He was able to give me everything I had always wanted, the dream house, security and above all, love like I’d never known. We lived a quiet life in the middle of nowhere; we didn’t need anyone else.

So, when the empty house next door is sold, I am wary. Will our neighbours invade the perfect life Richard has built for us? As soon as I meet Juliette and Danny, I am reassured. Overwhelmed by grief after the death of their young daughter, they have moved in search of a quiet life and a chance to start again. Over dinner one evening, we hit it off instantly and I know they are just the neighbours we need.

All is well until Juliette spots a young girl in our garden. Richard convinces her that she is seeing things, that it’s the grief taking over. But Juliette won’t let it go. She is sure she saw a child. She believes that Richard is threatening her. She starts to think that I’m not safe.

I need to convince Juliette that she’s imagining it. I need to keep Richard happy. If I am to protect everything I have built for myself, she must never find out the truth.

That my perfect life is built on the deadliest lie.

A heart-stopping psychological thriller with a truly brilliant twist, perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell, T.M. Logan and K.L. Slater.

What Did I Think?

You know when you read that chilling and intriguing prologue that instantly grabs you, you know you’re in for a treat? That’s the feeling I got when I opened up The Life She Wants and read the prologue!

The relationship between Danny and Juliette is beautiful. Love’s young(ish) dream, overcoming heartbreak with a fresh start in idyllic Staffordshire. Restarting life away from the hustle and bustle of London in a quaint village sounds a perfect tonic for them. Until they meet the neighbours..x

Richard and Sarah are an odd couple but the more I got to know them, the more I was disturbed by them. Richard is that man you don’t want to get to know, the one that should ring alarm bells but doesn’t because he’s ultra-charming until he knows you’re properly hooked and it’s too late *shudder*

Sherratt has curated yet another twisted tale that dragged me into village life in Staffordshire where everything should be quaint and peaceful. But she manages to destroy the idiom of the perfect country setting by having neighbours from hell! I loved this tense thriller running through my emotional library as I got to know her unique characters. If you love your domestic psych-thrillers, grab yourself a copy and settle down for a bumpy ride!

Who Is Mel Sherratt?

Mel Sherratt is the author of fifteen crime novels, all of which have become bestsellers, and has sold over 1.5 million books. 

For the past four years, she has been named as one of her home town of Stoke-on-Trent’s top 100 influential people. Shortlisted for the Crime Writer’s Association Dagger in the Library in 2014, she regularly appears at festivals and is featured in newspapers and magazines. 

She lives in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, with her husband and terrier, Dexter.