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Happy Monday everyone! For my first post today (yes you’ve got multiple treats today), I’m sharing an extract from The Girl Downstairs, the latest thriller from Iain Maitland.

Many thanks to Zoë of Zooloo’s Blog Tours for inviting me on the blog tour and to Inkubator Books for the extract

The Blurb

Rosie is homeless and winter is closing in. So she can’t believe her luck when a total stranger, Mr. Adams, invites her to stay. 

But Mr. Adams has a secret. He has chosen Rosie because she reminds him of someone very special from long ago. Maybe she can even help him recapture that distant happiness. 

Of course, she might need a little encouragement, but that’s fine…

What he doesn’t realise is that Rosie has a secret too, a secret that will have horrifying consequences for them both. 

So instead of the heaven he had hoped to find, Mr. Adams finds himself fighting to escape the special kind of hell created by… the girl downstairs. 

The Girl Downstairs – the stunning psychological thriller, perfect for fans of Mark Edwards, K. L. Slater, Miranda Rijks.

The Extract

I have not slept well. It’s been a restless, troubled night. Reliving one of my nightmares over and again.

And thinking about the girl. When I have been awake. I know what I am going to do.

And I know why. In my moments of clarity, I understand how I have come to this.

I got myself into a routine once I had retreated to my little home in Bluebell Lane to eke out my existence. I walk Fluffy across the fields before breakfast. I then have my breakfast. Porridge with fruit, usually. A banana. Or raspberries. I alternate them. I have a little chart on the wall to remind me which is which for each day. My memory is not always so good these days.

In the mornings, I do the housework. The hoovering. Cleaning. Any odd bits of DIY that need attending to. I work to a list. I have my lunch with the news at one o’clock on BBC One. A sandwich, crisps and a yoghurt. In the afternoon, I take the long walk into town, for milk and bread and suchlike, to go to the library, to pick up a little something for Fluffy, get a local newspaper to keep abreast of what’s happening hereabouts. I like a schedule to my day.

Teatime and the long dark evenings of winter are especially tricky for me. I try to keep my mind busy. I have a nice evening meal, a ready-made lasagne from the Tesco Exclusive Range with some salad and a glass of fruit juice; orange mixed with pineapple is a favourite of mine. (I mix them myself.) I listen to the radio, mostly Radio 4. And I read long into the night until I fall into sleep.

Not much of a life. I have yearned for something better.

Love. That’s what. To love and be loved.

It’s what drives me on. Into madness. To do what I have done before. And am about to do again.

Who Is Iain Maitland?

Iain Maitland is the author of three previous psych thrillers, The Scribbler (2020), Mr Todd’s Reckoning (2019) and Sweet William (2017), all published by Contraband, an imprint of Saraband. Mr Todd’s Reckoning is coming to the big screen in 2023.

Iain is also the author of two memoirs, Dear Michael, Love Dad (Hodder, 2016), a book of letters written to his eldest son who experienced depression and anorexia, and (co-authored with Michael) Out Of The Madhouse (Jessica Kingsley, 2018).

He is also an Ambassador for Stem4, the teenage mental health charity. He talks regularly about mental health issues in schools and colleges and workplaces.

Find out more about Iain at and

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