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Happy ‘hump’ day everyone! Hope your week isn’t looking too shabby so far. Today I’m welcoming the blog tour for White Dog by Rupert Whewell.

Massive thank you to Hannah Bright of Midas PR for inviting me on the blog tour a d for my advanced copy of White Dog.

The Blurb

White Dog is a literary thriller set against the backdrop of the contemporary art world. It follows the fortunes of Ryder, a cynical art dealer who aspires to the heights, yet despises the people who populate those realms. On his way to the top, back down, and back up again, Ryder encounters a picaresque collection of characters and gets drawn into a web of intrigue that involves murder, money-laundering and materialism. But can his new-found fame and fortune ever make up for the loss of the one thing he ever really valued in life?

White Dog will take you on a roller-coaster ride of sex, drugs and art – of violence, blackmail, hedonism and dark politics.

Are you ready to face the wolves?

What Did I Think?

Welcome to the world of antiquities from the eyes of Ryder, first a house clearer but moving on up in that world of art, furniture and the like.

Ryder is an interesting character. He seems focused on progressing through the world of antiquities and art but at a cost of having to deal with some shady and unscrupulous people. He seems to question certain aspects asked of him and the actions of others around him but he knows his own mind.

White Dog is a complex intricate story about the shady world of antiques. This is no Antiques Roadshow, this is the dark side of antiques. The cutthroat side where people pounce on others’ mistakes.

It’s not what I’d normally class as a thriller personally but it made for an interesting read. White Dog for me was quite an intelligent read, delving into a world I knew little about both superficially and intimately.

Who Was Rupert Whewell?

Rupert Whewell was born in Buckinghamshire in 1969. He graduated with a degree in English Literature from Downing College, Cambridge, before working in advertising in Hong Kong and later as a recruitment consultant. He established his own firm, Bateman Gray – named after the respected protagonists of his two favourite novels – in London, specialising in placing bankers. A keen adventurer, Rupert loved hillwalking, climbing and skiing, counting skiing down Mont Blanc as one of his greatest triumphs.

With his fiftieth birthday looming, he joined a group setting out to climb peaks in the Nanda Devi area of India in May 2019. An avalanche brought about his early death in the Himalayas, together with the loss of his seven climbing companions. He is survived by his mother Elaine, brother Andrew and sister Lisa, having no children of his own.

White Dog is his first novel, published posthumously.