Going Wilde by Jessica Wilde #debut #publicationday #bookreview


Many thanks to The Independent Book Publishers Association for my advanced e-copy of Going Wilde which I received through Netgalley.

The Blurb

Trailer park girl. Teen bride. Single mom. Instagram celebrity.

It would be easy to mistake Jessica Wilde’s life for a simple rags-to-riches story. After all, she went from a youth marred by poverty, sexual abuse, and bad decisions, to Internet fame that gave her control over her own fate, and provided a lucrative living. 

If happiness were only that simple. 

In reality, Wilde’s personal journey of growth and triumph involved a daunting struggle to define the real woman behind her online creation. The bitter irony was that becoming a social media celebrity only made understanding and appreciating who she actually was, and forging deep and lasting relationships, exponentially harder. 

This remarkably candid memoir follows Wilde’s thoughtful struggles to untangle social media’s jungle of destructive illusions and embrace her own authentic identity. It serves as a damning cautionary tale for anyone creating a digital faΓ§ade on sites from Facebook, to Instagram, to LinkedIn. The ugly reality that Going Wilde reveals is that social media undermines the essential personal connections it was created to foster. But as Jessica Wilde ultimately discovered, a healthy sense of self and deep happiness could not be further from what appears above a “like” button.

What Did I Think?

Some life decisions have both tremendously good and awfully bad consequences.

Meet Samantha, Tiffany and Jessica – the three personas of the one person who is Jessica Wilde. And this woman is a rather complicated soul. Going Wilde is a rags to riches kind of story but it’s a bumpy ride.

Wilde starts out life abandoned before being adopted. When her adopted parents split up, staying with her adopted mother isn’t the easiest. She spirals into a reckless adolescence before discovering camming. Now this was a new term to me but I knew the concept and I had mixed emotions for her decision. She is desperate to provide for her family but how desperate can one person be?

The β€œlike” button is the crack of social media.

Wilde talks of her switch from camming to Insta. The whole concept of portraying a perfect life – I’ll admit, I’m guilty of that. Posting photos with a cheery narrative whilst in the background I’ve spent most the day at war with the world. But then some days that mask slips and the narrative hints at something else. But Wilde never lets the mask slip.

Despite the camming and sultry Insta profile, Wilde talks extensively about her desire for a real connection. For someone to want the real her, not the one on the camera.

Normally my memoir reading takes me to someone famous; admittedly this woman has a massive following (over 900,000 followers on Insta) but not someone I’d heard of. The blurb for Going Wilde piqued my interest and I was glued to my kindle, would Jessica find peace and love?

Who Is Jessica Wilde?

Jessica Wilde is a writer, Instagram celebrity, and tattoo model based in Kelowna, British Columbia. Born in 1988 in Canada, she was given up for adoption at birth, married at nineteen, and a mother at twenty. To escape poverty, she began an online career as a “cam girl,” eventually moving on to become a social media influencer and brand ambassador for Inked magazine, and several luxury goods companies. She has modeled extensively, appearing on the covers of every major tattoo magazine, and hosting Inked magazine’s cover girl competition. She wrote the monthly advice column “Wilde About Sex” for five years. She lives with her daughter Izzy, and Staffordshire terrier, Sophie, and balances a love of junk food with an exhausting gym schedule. This is her first book.