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Unknown Vengeance Ebook (1)

Happy Publication Day to Pat O’Brien! Unknown Vengeance is out today and I’m here to share a bit about the book and Pat with you!

Thanks to Kelly Lacey of Love Books Tours for inviting me on this blog blitz

The Blurb

A serial killer is terrorizing members of the medical community in Buffalo, NY. Veteran Detective, Rhody Richardson, is leading the investigation with his partner, Detective Wayne. Victims have been disfigured and tortured – faces sliced, numbers carved into their chests. The brilliant, but young, forensic intern, Connor Patrick, tries desperately to make sense of the numbers but cannot find a pattern.

The killer has promised ten victims, but Richardson, and psychiatric consultant Dr. Kaileen Taylor believe it will continue well past that number. At each of the gruesome crime scenes, the killer has left cryptic poems with different names. Richardson ventures down a dangerous path, deciphering what the killer is trying to tell them before they escape justice into the eternal void of the unknown.

If that’s taken your fancy, you can get your copy now! https://amzn.to/3vXzydp

Who is Pat O’Brien?

Pat O’Brien is a writer/editor for a federal agency. An avid storyteller, he will often regal his wife with elaborate made-up stories about some random person they see walking or sitting on a park bench. A lifetime crime-fiction fan, he is usually found reading, and rereading, novels from David Baldacci, John Grisham, James Patterson, Jeffery Deaver, or any other crime novelist he can get his hands on. He earned his degree in Communications, while taking many writing courses including creative writing, from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. After college, he spent over a decade on the air in Buffalo radio and television. He never tires of speaking to, or about, his kids and stepchildren. Pat, his wife, Kerry, and their mighty 8-pound Yorkie-poo, Penske, make their home on the shore of Lake Erie just south of Buffalo.