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Dog Rose Dirt

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I’m thrilled to be welcoming the blog tour for Jen Williams’s Dog Rose Dirt.

Many thanks to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours for inviting me on the blog tour and Harper Collins for my advanced e-copy of Dog Rose Dirt which I received through Netgalley.

The Blurb

What if your mother had been writing to a serial killer?

A convicted murderer with a story to tell

Serial killer Michael Reave – known as The Red Wolf – has been locked in Belmarsh Prison for over 20 years for the brutal and ritualistic murders of countless women.

A grieving daughter with a secret to unearth

Ex-journalist Heather Evans returns to her childhood home after her mother’s inexplicable suicide and discovers something chilling – hundreds of letters between her mother and Reave, dating back decades.

A hunt for a killer ready to strike again

When the body of a woman is found decorated with flowers, just like his victims, Reave is the only person alive who could help. After years of silence, he will speak to Heather, and only Heather.

If she wants to unearth the truth and stop further bloodshed, she’ll have to confront a monster.

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What Did I Think?

So you’re back in your childhood home sorting out your recently deceased mum’s estate and you find letters to a man, a man who isn’t your father. A man who is locked up in prison for the foreseeable for murder. 🤯🤯🤯 One question – WHY???! Obviously not a question that can be answered easily…. or so you’d think…

Heather didn’t quite expect to go from sorting out her mum’s house to meeting a serial killer like a Ferrari on a test track. And this serial killer is a tricky character. He’s not to be trusted and just like Heather, I got the impression he was hiding something!! He gave me the heebie jeebies in the way he talked to Heather, my skin crawled!

From the brutal opening to this twisty turny kind of book right to that OMG ending, I was hooked. I was glued to my kindle as the story jumped between characters and timelines. Well and truly addicted for little under 24 hours as the writing absorbed my attention from real life. Loved it! I’ll definitely be hunting out more from Jen Williams.

Who Is Jen Williams?

Jen Williams

Jen Williams lives in London with her partner and their small ridiculous cat. Having been a fan of grisly fairy tales from a young age, these days Jen writes dark unsettling thrillers with strong female leads, as well as character-driven fantasy novels with plenty of adventure and magic. She has twice won the British Fantasy Award for her Winnowing Flame trilogy, and when she’s not writing books she works as a bookseller and a freelance copywriter.

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