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Whooop whooop whooop!!!! Sorry should have I whispered that after last night 🤫🤫🤫🤫 It’s finally time for me to share my thoughts of Rob Parker’s Far From The Tree, the first in the Thirty Miles trilogy.

A massive thank you to Meggy Roussel of Red Dog Press for inviting me on the blog tour and for my advanced copy of Far From The Tree. I was also one of the lucky ones to preorder a special edition hardback copy direct from Red Dog Press which arrived in publication day!

The Blurb

Twenty-seven bodies, vacuum-packed, buried in a woodland trench. Some have been there for years, some for just days.

When DI Brendan Foley recognises one of the Warrington 27, he knows this case is about to shake his world.

Detective Sergeant Iona Madison is a skilled boxer and a vital support for Foley. Theirs is a newly established police force, and loyalties are about to be tested to the extreme.

Pressure mounts as news of the mass grave is plastered over the news. Brendan knows they can’t crack this case alone, but he’s not letting a rival force take over.

Their investigations lead them into the murky underworlds of Manchester and Liverpool, where one more murder means little to drug-dealing gangs, desperate to control their power bases.

But as Madison steps into the ring for the fight of her life, the criminals come to them. It’s no coincidence that the corpses have been buried in Foley’s hometown. The question is, why?

The first in a gripping new crime series, Far from the Tree is perfect for fans of Clare Mackintosh, Ian Rankin and Line of Duty.

What Did I Think?

When the book kicks off with the discovery of a mass grave, I knew I was in for a bumpy ride! 27 bodies!!!?!??? And oh my, my emotions went sky high when I found out the identity of one victims. The parent in me mourned and screamed (internally) when it was revealed.

What ensued was a race against the clock both to prevent more deaths, stop vigilantes taking the law into their own hands and most importantly stop those responsible getting away. Enter DI Brendan Foley and his team. This team has their work cut out them. How do you link 27 different people? Especially those you can’t identify?!?

I really took to Foley as a character. He’s got divided loyalties but the job is his life. He’s a copper to the core. But he’s a total family man who’d do anything to protect his wife, kids and mum. The case of the Warrington 27 got personal and could make or break Foley’s career.

Far From The Tree is so so different from the other two books I’ve read by Parker recently but equally as impeccably crafted with its twists and turns. As I delved deeper into the investigation with Foley, I couldn’t look away. I was totally enraptured with the story, desperate to find out if the victims of this mass grave would be avenged or would Foley get the arrest to ensure justice is served through the proper channels. This is a cracking start to the Thirty Miles trilogy and I can’t wait for book 2!!

Who Is Rob Parker?

Rob Parker is a married father of three, who lives in Warrington, UK. The author of the Ben Bracken thrillers, Crook’s Hollow and the #1 Audible bestseller Far From The Tree enjoys a rural life, writing horrible things between school runs. Rob writes full time, attends various author events across the UK, and boxes regularly for charity.

He spends a lot of time in schools across the North, encouraging literacy, story-telling and creative-writing, and somehow squeezes in time to co-host the For Your Reconsideration film podcast, appear regularly on The Blood Brothers Crime Podcast, and is a member of the Northern Crime Syndicate.

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