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Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend. I’m thrilled to be joining the blog tour for Sadie Ryan’s Guilty.

Big thanks to Zoe of Zooloo’s Blog Tours for inviting me to join the tour and for the extract I’m sharing with you today.

The Blurb

A Chance Meeting?

One moment that will change their lives forever.

Lindy once had the world at her feet. An adoring husband, two beautiful daughters and a successful career.

In a split second, a tragic accident causes Lindy’s world to come crashing down around her.

Mia, a personal fitness trainer and glamorous wife of a local tv personality seems to have everything.  

Slowly Lindy learns more about Mia’s ‘perfect’ life and becomes convinced that they are each other’s saviours.  

As obsessions grow and the lines that shape reality become blurred, Lindy’s and Mia’s lives are now forever dangerously intertwined as personalities merge.

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The Extract

              My heart plummets. He’s trying to force my hand. He wouldn’t go as far as an accident. Would he? The risks are too high. He isn’t a risk taker. Ricky enjoys an uncomplicated life. ‘I’m not leaving my job and we’re not going on holiday.’

              Ricky smiles knowingly. ‘You seem a little on edge, darling. Oh! How crass of me saying all those things about falling overboard. Getting lost at sea and then talking of a sailing holiday. I wasn’t thinking. I hope you haven’t read anything into it. Mia, let me have your phone, please.’ He reaches out quickly like a snake and pulls my phone from my pocket. ‘Best you don’t have this for a while. It’ll make your transition a lot easier if you don’t have contact with your friends. Actually, the more I think of it, it’s best if you stay in the house for the next few weeks. I’ll fetch you anything you need. It’s difficult to make change work. I’ll cancel your monthly coffee morning. Leave it to me; it’ll be less embarrassing if I do it. No navigating all those tricky questions.’

              I stand wondering what to do. He can’t keep me locked in here. I comprehend what’s hanging over me. But if I tell Sally myself, then he retains no hold over me. He has my phone. The landline is still there. I’ll call her and ask her to come over. Ricky worries me now. I turn and leave the room quickly slipping through the door without saying another word.

              Downstairs I see workmen coming in and out of our front door. ‘What are you doing here?’ I ask one of them, surprised I didn’t hear them and how the hell did they get in?

              ‘Your husband let us in. We’ve fitting new locks to the doors and windows. You must have forgotten we were coming. Happens to the best of us. Cup of tea would do nicely, if you don’t mind?’

              Ricky appears behind me. ‘I thought you were ill?’ I say sarcastically.

              ‘I’m better now.’ He stretches out his hand and the joiner drops a set of keys in his palm. ‘Thank you.’

              ‘All the doors are done now and the downstairs windows. We’ll get on upstairs if that’s OK, then we’ll be out of your way,’ the joiner says picking up his tools and heading up the stairs. ‘Two sugars for me non for Stu. Thanking you.’

              ‘Ricky what’s going on?’

              ‘I thought it best we stayed secure. There have been a lot of burglaries around here lately. I’m feeling much better by the way and hungry. Shouldn’t you be in the kitchen preparing my lunch? Oh, don’t forget their tea, Mia. They’ll do a better job if you pile them with tea and biscuits.

              ‘Make it yourself,’ I say opening the front door. It’s locked. ‘Open the door, Ricky and give me the keys, I’ll make a new set while I’m out.’

              He pockets the keys. ‘You won’t be needing them. Now go and make me some lunch. Or do you want me to call Sally?’ We stare at one another. I’m trying to gauge if he really would call Sally and tell her what he discovered in my letters. I can’t take the chance.

Who Is Sadie Ryan?

Sadie Ryan Author Photo

Sadie Ryan is the author of three books. Her latest, Guilty came out in April 2021, a psychological thriller. She loves animals and lives in leafy Cheshire in the North West of England with her daughter and rescue dog. When not writing she spends her time reading, gardening, walking her dog or watching old black and white movies.

When asked where she gets her ideas from, she says, ‘From observation, inspiration and lots of wicked thoughts.’

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