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The Mummy Concierge cover

Happy Tuesday everyone!! I’m delighted to be hosting the blog tour for Tiffany Norris’s Secrets Of The Mummy Concierge which is out on Thursday.

Massive thank you to Tracy Fenton of Compulsive Readers for inviting me on the blog tour and to Bonnier Books UK for my advanced proof of Secrets Of The Mummy Concierge.

The Blurb

Create a unique baby name that no one has ever used before… tick

Organise a delivery room photoshoot with hair and make-up for mum-to-be… tick

Arrange a royal-themed toddler birthday party, with no maximum budget… tick

All in a day’s work for the Mummy Concierge.

Tiffany Norris is the one and only concierge for parenthood in the UK today. Acting as a baby’s personal assistant, on-call therapist and social director, Tiffany strives to be the ultimate parent protector, peacekeeper and negotiator when it comes to bringing a new tiny human into the world. Where demands go way beyond late-night food cravings and into the luxurious world of the super-rich, Tiffany is on hand to help with all kinds of seemingly impossible requests.

From opulent nurseries and stylists for new-borns to 3am calls worrying about just not being enough, Tiffany also shares her own story of motherhood and post-natal depression. Secrets of the Mummy Concierge reminds us all that being a new parent is one of the hardest jobs on earth.

And luckily, The Mummy Concierge is here to help.

What Did I Think?

When the first bit of dialogue is “Do you think the make up artist needs to sort things out down there?‘ uttered by a mum who’s just given birth, my attention is grabbed in a slightly bemused kind of way. Where the hell was this book going to take me?

The Mummy Concierge, Tiffany Norris, provides a service to all parents, those trying to conceive, those expected, new parents, second time parents, toddler parents. This service has no boundaries from organising gender reveal parties and baby moons to training mums in denial to personal shopping for everything Junior could possibly want. Sounds simple but these are parents with serious money and ones who are competitive. So if the little darlings needs etiquette tutoring at age 3 (yes age 3) from a particular tutor, then Junior must have that tutor at all costs.

This isn’t just a book about the journey Norris goes on to set up her business and some of the requests she has to fulfill. This is her journey to pregnancy and the nine months of growing another human being in her body and the months that followed her family unit going from two to three whilst still running her business!

As a parent myself, I may not agree personally with some of the priorities of some of Norris’s clients but the one thing I do agree with is the piece of advice she gives them all “You do you”. Having a baby is a monumentous thing, bringing a new life into the world. No two babies are the same even from the same parents so each and every parent has to do what’s right for them and their child – not what they feel they should and Norris shows that by the bucketload.

Secrets Of The Mummy Concierge is an emotional rollercoaster, the highs and lows of pregnancy, the joys and tears of new parenthood and then the “dark side of pregnancy“. At times, it wasn’t an easy read. Norris is honest in her struggles and those of her clients and I did shed tears, many tears. But Norris’s dedication to her clients knows no bounds irrespective of how bonkers you might think the remit or request is. I would love a follow up read on the next part of the journey in both the Norris world and the Mummy Concierge sphere.

Who Is Tiffany Norris?

Tiffany Norris is a no-nonsense mummy concierge, journalist and pregnancy guru who has worked with hundreds of pregnant mothers, and supports every woman who needs her help with tips and guidance – and sometimes just a listening ear.

She is a journalist and presenter for Mumsnet, has written for Cosmo and Grazia and is an expert for The Baby Show. Tiffany owns and runs The Mummy Masterclasses parenting workshops for soon-to-be and new parents. She was the winner of the prestigious Jacqueline Gold Women in Business award and has won the Theo Pathetis small business award. You can find her at where she would love to hear from you.