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Omelette (Jessie Ware)

πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Happy Publication Day to Jessie Ware πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Her debut solo novel Omelette: Food, Love, Chaos and Other Conversations is out today!

Massive thanks to Hodder Studio for my advanced e-copy of Omelette: Food, Love, Chaos and Other Conversations that I received through Netgalley. I also preordered a signed hardback from Waterstones which is wending its way to me.

The Blurb

Are you hungry darling, shall I make you an omelette?

My mother’s omelettes are slightly overdone but always generous in cheese and well-seasoned. My omelettes are just the same, though more often slightly underdone and less carefully considered. And like my stories, they come in many forms. You might get one late at night, after a little too much wine and alongside a little too much information. I might spend a long time on one that’s just a touch extravagant. And many are for the people I care about most, thrown together and with more cheese than is strictly necessary.

Collected here are things I’ve done, things I’ve seen, things I’ve thought, and most importantly, things I’ve tasted. They’re slices of parts of my life. Call them omelettes, if you like. I hope you enjoy them.

What Did I Think?

‘To eat gives me more pleasure than anything, perhaps even more than music. But add music to the act of eating and that is alchemy of crescendoing delight.’

I love food. It’s on a par with reading so reading about food is those two worlds colliding. I don’t read enough books about food or people who love food – something to remedy!

‘you can’t have an opinion on something unless you have tried it,’

Ware works her way through the various foods she loves and what they mean to her, reminiscing about times that food or meals have meant something to her. On occasion, she shares a recipe or two which I thought was a nice touch. I wholeheartedly agree with the toast/marmite/cheese combo but it’s a big no to the peanut butter addition! Is peanut butter another marmite thing? You love it or hate it??

There is a bit of name dropping but it’s surprising how many well known people Ware has known from before she was famous. The anecdote of her meeting the Beckhams is rather amusing and slightly cringe worthy with her plus-one’s behaviour! The name-checks didn’t bother me too much but I know some don’t like it.

Omelette is part recipe book, part food discussion, part trip down Memory Lane. Ware jumps from story to story across over thirty years of life. The list of Table Manners is funny and intriguing. Some suggest there is a more to the point…. I want to know the background. I enjoyed this delve into Ware’s omelettes of her life and I’ll definitely be checking out her foodie podcast.

Who Is Jessie Ware?

Jessie Ware is an award-winning English singer-songwriter, podcaster and author. With over a million albums sold worldwide and BRIT/Mercury nominations under her belt, in 2020 Jessie released her highly anticipated fourth record ‘What’s Your Pleasure?‘, which charted at No. 3 in the UK album chart.

In 2017, Jessie started her hugely successful podcast ‘Table Manners‘, which she hosts alongside her mum, Lennie. Hilarious and lovable, ‘Table Manners‘ has hit in excess of 20 million listens since launching and continues to top the podcast charts series after series. In 2020, Jessie and Lennie published Table Manners: The Cookbook together. Omelette is Jessie’s first solo book.