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Her Last Holiday (CL Taylor)

🥂🥂🥂 HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY TO CALLY TAYLOR 🥂🥂🥂 Her Last Holiday is out today!!

Big thanks to Avon Books for my advanced e-copy of Her Last Holiday which I received through Netgalley.

The Blurb

You come to Soul Shrink to be healed. You don’t expect to die.

Two years ago, Fran’s sister Jenna disappeared on a wellness retreat in Gozo that went terribly wrong.

Tom Wade, the now infamous man behind Soul Shrink Retreats, has just been released from prison after serving his sentence for the deaths of two people. But he has never let on what happened to the third victim: Jenna.

Determined to find out the truth, Fran books herself onto his upcoming retreat – the first since his release – and finds herself face to face with the man who might hold the key to her sister’s disappearance. The only question is, will she escape the retreat alive? Or does someone out there want Jenna’s secrets to stay hidden?

The master of suspense is back. Prepare yourself for the latest heart-in-mouth rollercoaster ride from the Sunday Times bestseller.

What Did I Think?

People normally go to a well being retreat to find themselves, not to disappear without a trace. But that’s what happened to Jenna. How can she just vanish?

Big sister Fran is browbeaten by her overbearing mother into going undercover at a SoulShrink retreat, not in the sunny climbs of Gozo no, rural Wales. I know which I’d prefer! Will she find what she’s looking for? Will she actually benefit herself from Tom’s teaching? I rather liked Fran, her scepticism to the retreat resounded with me. I’m not a big talker when it comes to what’s going on in my head so the thought of group therapy or talking to a total stranger especially one implicated in a sibling’s disappearance fills me with dread!

And so Fran and I delved in to the goings on in Gozo. The attendees were an interesting bunch, some seasonal SoulShrinkers which I thought curious. Why would you keep going back if Tom is so good at healing people? Is there more to them than meets the eye or are they just Tom Wade addicts, groupies and just have to go to everything he appears at? Which leads me to this man on a pedestal. Is he as innocent as he professes when it comes to Jenna? After spending time behind bars, does this “healer” needs some healing of his own?

Taylor has masterfully written yet another tense nail biting thriller. The leaps between the past and the present build to one almighty climax but not without plenty of twists, turns and trips up the proverbial garden path to keep me thoroughly enthralled. Taylor’s got a knack of getting me to suspect everyone and every time I get it wrong! Her Last Holiday is a cracking read if you love a taut, mind spinning thriller

Who Is C.L. Taylor?

C.L. Taylor is a Sunday Times bestselling author. Her psychological thrillers have sold over a million copies in the UK alone, been translated into over twenty languages, and optioned for television. Her 2019 novel, Sleep, was a Richard and Judy pick. C.L. Taylor lives in Bristol with her partner and son.