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Dead Secret (Ava McCarthy)

Happy Saturday everyone! And happy birthday to me 🥳🥳 !!! Fancy a *new* read to escape to this weekend? Well this one isn’t exactly a new release but if you’ve not read it, stick with me!

My thanks go to Harper Collins for my e-copy of Dead Secret that I received through Netgalley.  I also bought myself a copy 4 1/2 years ago #BuriedOnTheOverloadedKindle

The Blurb

From the author of the Harry Martinez thrillers comes a gripping psychological suspense novel. Perfect for fans of Elizabeth Haynes and Gone Girl.

Two quick shots. One for him. One for you.

After the death of her three-year-old daughter, Jodie has nothing left to live for – or almost nothing.

She has one task to fulfil before she takes her own life. And that’s to kill the man she holds responsible for her daughter’s death – her seemingly perfect husband, Ethan.

But Ethan is hiding more than just his true nature. And as more horrifying secrets from his past emerge, Jodie’s strength will be pushed to the limit…

What Did I Think?

Calvin Harris aka Love Regenerator wrote the lyric Its a strange game, you and me play and it’s one hell of a strange game Ethan has been playing whilst he’s been married to Jodie. He is a proper ‘Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde‘. 

Discovered the extent of Ethan’s lies was like opening up a Russian doll. I thought the secrets couldn’t get any worse and then poof, there’s another one hiding just waiting to shock poor Jodie. But she’s no longer the weak wife he left behind. She’s toughened up, she’s had to…

I really couldn’t see where this story was heading and oh my, that climax. Bejeezus!!! I can’t say anything more than that – I was left reeling after I’d finished the book. After devoured it in one sitting on a Sunday evening, I couldn’t think about anything but what I’d just read. I was just gobsmacked at just how twisted Ava McCarthy’s mind is.  If this book is anything to go by, I really need to met Harry Martinez!! I’d recommend this to anyone who enjoys their psychological thriller in an extreme dark and twisted state!

Who Is Ava McCarthy?

Ava McCarthy was born in Dublin and attained degrees in Physics and Nuclear Medicine before going onto work for the London Stock Exchange for six years. She currently works in software in County Dublin, where she lives with husband Tom and two children.

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