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Happy Wednesday everyone! Well I think it’s Wednesday … Today I’m sharing my thoughts of Rachel Amphlett’s Blood On Snow, the latest release in the Kay Hunter series.

The Blurb

Christmas time can be murder…

A suburban housewife is found dead in her garden.

There is no weapon, no witnesses, and the only set of footprints belong to her cat.

Probationary detective Kay Hunter and her colleagues are convinced it’s murder – but how can they find a killer when there are no clues?

What Did I Think?

Sometimes when the world is going a little crazy around you, what you need is something short and sharp that you can escape to for brief while. Christmas is a crazy time of year normally but 2020 is going to take a lot of beating so Blood On Snow has come at the perfect time.

This stand-alone short story from the start of Kay Hunter’s career as a detective. It’s a locked room style death, with the snow being the lock on the door. How can one person die in a snowy garden with no footprints other than her own around her?!

Given the brevity of this 48 page novella, the story hits the ground running like a 200m runner and speeds along to the climax. You can’t hang around with so few pages but its length is not detrimental to the story in the slightest. In the hour (well less than) it took me to read Blood On Snow, I felt I’d done a hard day’s investigation with Kay which was an ideal distraction from the goings on of the real world.

Who Is Rachel Amphlett?

USA Today bestselling author Rachel Amphlett writes crime fiction and spy novels, including the Detective Kay Hunter British murder mystery series, the Dan Taylor spy novels, the English Assassins series, and a number of standalone crime thrillers.

Her novels are available in eBook, paperback, large print and audiobook formats from worldwide retailers as well as her own stores at

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