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This is the cover reveal THE CHOC BOX

HEEEELLLLLLOOOOO DECEMBER!!!! I’m thrilled to be kicking off the winter season with a book with the most delicious cover, I could just gobble it up!

Many thanks to the wonderful Rachel Gilbey for inviting me on the blog tour and for my e-copy of The Chocolate Box. I also purchased a copy for my Kindle.

The Blurb

Ellie Sanchez wants revenge. Spurned during her school days at prestigious Monty’s academy when she was plain Eleanor Finch, and played second fiddle to her idol, Barnaby Westwood, and his show-off sister, Clementine, Ellie will stop at nothing to turn the tables now she’s all grown up. The siblings and their snubbing have been the catalyst for everything that’s gone wrong in her life, from parental neglect to her divorce.

When the Westwood travel merchandise company advertises for a new HR manager, Ellie decides her unique combo of karma and Law of Attraction has finally come good. And she’ll be bagging herself a cherry-on-the-cake, second, and richer, husband in the process – once Barnaby sees how much she’s changed, anyway.

Fast forward two years and he STILL doesn’t recognise her!

Fast forward two years and the company is in a financial mess.

Last Chance Saloon-style, Ellie coerces the siblings and their older sister, Brooke (the perpetual spanner in her works) to a rustic gîte in Normandy for a spot of team-building… over a very ‘special’ box of artisan chocolates.

Cue ALL the fireworks in the cocoa bean version of Jumanji…

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What Did I Think?

How far would you go to get the man of your dreams? A spot of social media or real-life stalking? Going to the same pubs and him and his mates? Making friends with his siblings? What about getting a job at his company? Ellie goes above and beyond what any normal person would do to get the attention of their obsession. The lengths she goes to are phenomenal…

With each chapter, I was intrigued to find out what Ellie has up her sleeve especially once she took the Westwood siblings to deepest rural France. The thing is Ellie in control? The more I got to know her, the less I felt sorry for her. The girl who seemed so infatuated and besotted with Barnaby Westwood had a dark side, manipulating all around her for her own means. A woman scorned is a dangerous woman and Ellie is dangerous with a capital D!!!

The Chocolate Box is a highly entertaining read from May. Obviously the cover had this reader drooling over all the sugary treats as with all her other deliciously sounding reads. But they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover and what I found inside The Chocolate Box wasn’t saccharine sweet. The leading quartet all had the qualities on the surface to like but as I peeled the wrappers on their personalities back, the fillings to these characters were rather different. Don’t expect a happy-go-lucky light read from The Chocolate Box, this is a book with a bit of a difference when it comes to unrequited love.

Who Is Isabella May?

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Isabella May lives in (mostly) sunny Andalusia, Spain with her husband, daughter and son, creatively inspired by the mountains and the sea. Having grown up on Glastonbury’s ley lines however, she’s unable to completely shake off her spiritual inner child, and is a Law of Attraction fanatic, as well as a Pranic Healer.

After a degree in Modern Languages and European Studies at UWE, Bristol (and a year working abroad in Bordeaux and Stuttgart), Isabella bagged an extremely jammy and fascinating job in children’s publishing… selling foreign rights for novelty, board, pop-up and non-fiction books all over the world; in every language from Icelandic to Korean, Bahasa Indonesian to Papiamento!

All of which has fuelled her curiosity and love of international food and travel – both feature extensively in her cross-genre novels, fused with a dollop of romcom, and a sprinkle of magical realism.

You can follow her Foodie Romance Journey series at the following hang-outs:

Twitter – @IsabellaMayBks

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Instagram – @isabella_may_author

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