Blaze Dog Detective – The Magic Flag Mystery by Lin Anderson and Donald McKay @blazespage @lin_anderson #bookreview

Blaze - The Magic Flag Mystery (Lin Anderson and Donald McKAy)

So today, I have something a little different for you! Yes it’s a book review, yes it’s crime fiction but it’s a review of a book about a dog detective. Not just any dog detective, no siree. This is Blaze, the dog detective and his brother Laoch, and as you can see below, they’re real dogs!

Meet Blaze and Laoch! The two most famous dogs in Scottish crime fiction and the first to appear at both the Edinburgh International Book Festival and Bloody Scotland!

Many thanks to Sharon Bairden (Chapter In My Life blogger and debut author) and Lin Anderson for my e-copy of Blaze Dog Detective – The Magic Flag Mystery.

The Blurb

When the famous fairy flag of the Clan MacLeod disappears from a locked room at Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye, the police immediately call in Blaze Dog Detective. 

After all his scenting skills on the island are legendary.

With his team of Rosa, Rory and wee brother Laoch, Blaze leads the chase to rescue this magical flag before it can be spirited away from the island forever.

What Did I Think?

This is a first for me…. a dog detective. And it’s a second… the second children’s book I’ve read in the past 12 months…. so did this slightly older child enjoy getting inside a dog’s head?

Blaze and Laoch have a new hoooman friend, Rosa who just seems to get their canine thoughts. As she arrives on the beautiful island of Skye, a legendary artefact is stolen and the police are baffled. Will the nose of a dog and a child’s interpretation save the day?

I loved bounding round Skye with Blaze. It’s not an island I’ve been to but the subtle imagery built me a mental image of this Scottish isle. As the crime fighting trio of Blaze, Rosa and Laoch followed the clues and the scent of the theft, I was drawn in to their investigation. For me it was reminiscent of The Famous Five novels I read as a child, just with two gorgeous dogs at the helm!

I’ve got to say, Anderson and McKay definitely got it right when it came to Blaze’s thought process. I really felt I was watching the story play out before my canine eyes. I’d recommend this to any dog loving parent (actually any parent) for their late-primary aged child – I’ll be passing it on to my eldest (age 9) to read!