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Never Have I ever (Joshilyn Jackson)

Happy Paperback Publication Day Joshilyn Jackson!! Never Have I Ever is out in paperback today!!!

Many thanks to Raven Books for my e-copy of Never Have I Ever which I received through Netgalley.

The Blurb

It starts as a game at a book group one night. Never Have I Ever… done something I shouldn’t. 

But Amy Whey has done something she shouldn’t. And Roux, the glamorous newcomer to Amy’s suburban neighbourhood, knows exactly what that is.

Roux promises she will go away – if Amy plays by her rules. 

But Amy isn’t prepared to lose everything. She’s going to fight back, and in this escalating game of cat and mouse, there can be only one winner.

What Did I Think?

What happens in the past should state in the past right? If there’s a debt to society paid, all should be right in the universe. Not in Roux’s world. Not a chance… she believes the universe owes her and it’s Amy’s turn to settle part of that debt.

What ensued from Amy meeting Roux to the rather unexpected end is a twisty turny game of chicken. Amy is very protective of the life she’s built and she’ll do anything to stop it being destroyed especially by someone she’s known less than a week. I’ve got to admit, I was there with Amy, who the hell is this woman waltzing her way in to the hallowed sanctuary of a community book club and instantly starts ruffling feathers. Roux is definitely someone who needed to be watched like a hawk!

This psychological thriller kept me glued to my kindle, reading up to the last minute before I had to start work and then late into the night. I wanted Amy to no be beaten by this mysterious woman but there was a niggle in my mind that nothing never turns out as you expect when it comes to pysch-thrillers…. And that ending…BOOM I didn’t realise I was holding my breath as the story climaxed! Loved it!

Who Is Joshilyn Jackson?

Joshilyn Jackson lives in Decatur, Georgia with her husband and their two children. For the past six years she has taught creative writing and literature courses for Georgia’s maximum security facility for women. Through their education-in-prison and re-entry programmes, Reforming Arts fosters the development of critical and creative thinking skills, encouraging students to build liveable lives. She’s also an award winning audiobook narrator, performing most of her own work as well as other authors including Lydia Netzer and Marybeth Mayhew Whalen.

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