Spotlight! Killer’s Bible by Anonymous @CalvinKLoch #publicationday #spotlight

Killers Bible

Pinch Punch, First of the Month!! And boy, does March kick off in spectacular style with the publication of Killer’s Bible, the anonymous memoir of a killer! Yes he’s anonymous but he goes by the name of “Calvin Loch”.

When “Calvin” contacted me his email opened “I’m a New York lawyer and am responsible for killing someone. This is some of my true story. A whydunit.” If that didn’t get my attention, I don’t know what would!!!  This book sounds like something quite different and hopefully rather inciteful to the mind of a murderer!!

Unfortunately I’ve not had chance to read this intriguing book yet but I thought I’d share its publication with you!!

The Blurb

How-to Kill Handbook for normal people

“Did I really do all of it? Yes, I did. All of it. But there’s no telling. Not straight up. I’d get thirty-to-life.”

The real-life diary of ‘Calvin Loch’, a New York lawyer who takes the law into his own hands and murders a man with good reason.

This true-crime memoir catalogues the events that push an attorney to the edge. From office politics to shady dealings, from being love-struck to killing ‘justly’, this first-hand account is a chilling exposé of how a white-collar murderer gets away with it.

The verdict: crimes don’t warrant punishment if done by a balanced ‘bad man’ who believes that he’s doing good.

The author remains at large.

Lovers of Netflix True Crime Documentaries like “Killer Inside: the mind of Aaron Hernandez” or “Don’t F**k with Cats“, may like ‘Killer’s Bible‘.