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Alice Teale

Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m thrilled to be hosting the blog tour for Howard Linskey’s standalone Alice Teale Is Missing.

Massive thank you to Sriya Varadharajan of Penguin Random House for inviting me on the blog tour. I did receive a copy of the book from the publishers but have also bought my own ebook.

The Blurb

Alice Teale walked out of school at the end of a bright spring day.

She’s not been seen since.

Alice was popular and well-liked, and her boyfriend, friends and family are desperate to find her.

But soon it’s clear that everyone in her life has something to hide.

Then the police receive a disturbing package.

Pages from Alice’s precious diary.

Who could have sent them? And what have they done with Alice?

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What Did I Think?

Alice! Alice! Where the f*** is Alice?! (Apologies to Smokie but I couldn’t resist) How can a 17 year old just vanish??! A popular, intelligent, promising young woman with her whole life ahead of her. Here one minute, disappeared the next. Vanished. But someone knows and they hold that secret close to their heart.

โ€˜Someone in this town is responsible for Aliceโ€™s disappearance,โ€™

I loved the enigma that is DS Lucas Black. His reputation proceeds him, he’s not there to make friends. And then DC Beth Winter, out on loan but eager to make an impact as a young DC. She knows how to handle her interviewees but is desperate to learn from the more experienced sergeant on the case. I really liked her tenacity and thirst to do a cracking job in what seems a web of secrets.

Alice’s journal played it’s own part in this tale giving me intermittent insights into life as this teenager. The innermost thoughts and angst of living up to expectation of those around leapt from the page with emotional umph, reminding me of the pressures of early adulthood. It does read as a no-bars-held exploration of this canny lass‘ thoughts and fears. How much will it help Beth and Lucas solve the miss-per case?!

This is a proper twisty turny mystery read and I loved it! It made me ask those key 5 Ws every great crime novel should do. I’m ashamed I’ve never escaped into a world that Linskey has created before. He creates an enticing escape into a realistic world of secrets and lies. The North East never seemed so dark and twisted!

Who Is H. A. Linskey?

Howard Linskey

H. A. Linskey is originally from Ferryhill in County Durham, but now lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and daughter. Under Howard Linskey, he is the author of a series of crime novels set in the North-East, featuring detective Ian Bradshaw and journalists Tom Carney and Helen Norton.

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