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Happy Saturday everyone! I’m delighted to be hosting the blog tour for Andrew Segal’s The Lyme Regis Murders and today I’ve got an extract from the book to whet your literary appetite.

Many thanks to the lovely Emma Welton of damppebbles blog tours for inviting me on the blog tour.

The Giveaway

You can be in with a chance of winning one of THREE signed hardback copies of The Lyme Regis Murders with a personal letter from Andrew Segal himself!!!!


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The Blurb

Three children found murdered on Lyme Regis beach.

A local reporter announces the horrific story, throwing the quiet town into turmoil at this shocking discovery.

Unused to dealing with murder on his peaceful seaside beat, the local Detective Chief Inspector has taken the easy option, pointing a finger at the step-father, Eric Goldcrest, as the only suspect directly linked to the children.

But wealthy Goldcrest, now forced to leave the marital home by his hysterical wife and the constabulary’s suspicions, has gone to ground. The only person he can trust to prove his innocence is unconventional, Private Investigator, Tammy Pierre. But as the case gets more complicated, Tammy, uncovering new evidence becomes a target herself, when first subjected to a brutal knife attack, and then chased by three big SUVs aiming to force her off the road. She now realises the seriousness of the case as her life is at risk, but by whom?

Possible suspects, Goldcrest’s business partners admit they hate the man for the past criminal gains he’s made at their expense. Could Tammy now be within their sights?

Fresh information has the town’s folk alarmed by news of the return, after twenty years in jail, of a convicted child rapist and murderer. Someone answering his description has been seen lurking in the back gardens of the Goldcrest children’s home late at night.

But the children’s murder is just the start, as killing follows killing and Tammy, still seeking to prove Goldcrest’s innocence, finds  herself groping for solutions in a nightmare of senseless slaughter.

Might revenge be the motive? Or is there something far more sinister happening? The Lyme Regis Murders will keep you riveted to the end.
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The Extract 

Day 8.

So, there it was. On television the night before, and now in all the national newspapers. Tammy was at her desk looking at Sky News. The announcement, now repeated in the morning summary, had been made by a smug-looking Detective Chief Inspector Downey at a hurriedly called press conference that a suspect was being questioned. One who had been cautioned in the past for harassing a child. Further news would follow, but no charges had yet been made. Downey had refused to answer any of the barrage of questions that had been flung at him, merely hurriedly stalking off, his stony countenance disguising the satisfaction he was feeling over developments.

Tammy was impatient to learn more, but knew she’d have to wait for Meg’s update. She busied herself instead with enquiries into the fringe bank’s £5.5 million loan assignment, which kept her occupied for much of the morning.

Meg Copeland called later that day. She whispered, “I’m at the nick right now. Can’t talk long, Tammy. Downey’s had him in all last night and all day today. Kid’s weeping and totally confused. They won’t let his mother near him. He’s over eighteen, so they say he can make his own decisions. He’s not been properly arrested, nor read his rights. Downey’s insisting the boy agreed to come in and assist with enquiries. They’ve offered to allow him one phone call. He’s been told it’ll all go away quicker if he doesn’t bother with a lawyer. Billy has no idea what they’re talking about. His mother’s been here all day too, crying, poor lass. Downey is totally overstepping the mark. He’s said he’s going to get a superintendent to authorise keeping Billy in for questioning for thirty-six hours, or more if he makes an application to the local magistrates. Have to go now.” The line went dead.

Then Tammy’s phone rang again. This time it was Eric Goldcrest. He sounded jubilant. “So they got the bastard. That Downey’s on the ball. Good man. Told you I wasn’t involved. Now will you believe me?”

“Mr Goldcrest,” said Tammy, reaching for and lighting a Wintermans, I didn’t doubt you in the first place. If I had, I wouldn’t have taken you on as a client.” She blew a jet of smoke at the ceiling. “But I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. The boy they’ve arrested is autistic. His original caution for harassment was a nonsense. He had no motive—”

“He didn’t need a motive. That scum murdered the babies. They’ll put him away for good. He’s a bloody nutter. Can’t you see?”

“No, Mr Goldcrest, can’t you see? There is no case to answer here. It won’t ever make it to court. Trust me. DCI Downey might even be censured and Billy eligible for aggravated damages, if half of what I’ve heard is true.”

“You’re mad. Call yourself a professional? Do you really think our boys in blue, bless them, would risk any of what you’re accusing them if they didn’t have a case?”

“I’m not criticising our boys in blue, Mr Goldcrest. Just one of them. I don’t believe Downey can be trusted for one minute, and—”

“Forget it, Pierre. I’m hauling you off the case.”

Who Is Andrew Segal?

Andrew Segal

Andrew Segal is a prolific author with books ranging from rhyming kids’ stories through ‘The Hamilton Conspiracy’ to this series of fascinating thrilling short stories. His ‘day job’ provides the basis for many entertaining tales, and his imagination conjures characters and situations that will leave you eager to read more.

An idea for the first short story came out of the blue, (don’t they often?), and witnessed the production of the somewhat surreal ‘Cat and Mouse’ duly presented to wife and daughter, his sternest critics, for approval, which having thus been gained, resulted in Andrew joining a writer’s group.  The success of that first foray into the world of writing encouraged Andrew to write further, with the group clamouring for more each week.

Andrew finds inspiration for many of his stories in real life events. His story ‘The Leopard’ relates to an appalling event involving a family member when they were just 6 years old, and already showing signs of leadership skills.

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