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In the words of the great Noddy Holder, IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!!! Well kind of…it’s Christmas in Kilchester….The observant ones of you will remember I revealed the cover last week for this short story but if you missed the post which tells you how to get this wee ditty for free, click here!

My thanks to the author for my e-copy of Come on Steal The Noise which I also downloaded from Amazon on publication day.

The Blurb

Hacker and thief Zoe Zimmerman and her team have been responsible for some of the most inexplicable and ingenious heists of the last few of years but what does a professional thief do for Christmas?

Zoe uses her ill-gotten gains to take her decidedly un-criminal Gran and sister to a luxury country hotel. It should be all fine wine, gourmet food and luxury spa treatments and perhaps it would have been if Zoe hadn’t decided to pull a job right under their noses.

Unfortunately, without her team, Zoe has to watch her own back. And without eyes in the back of her head will she be able to see who is coming to destroy her plans?

What Did I Think?

God I love this cover!! It sums up the wintery setting of the story and that little bit more about the events of Zoe’s stay in the luxury hotel! Now I’ve read the other Kilchester novels so getting to know hacker Zoe who has been a little in the background was fab!

Zoe is not to be messed with. No familiarities, no “love” or “sweetheart” with our Zoe, she’s sassy, straight talking and loves her gadgets! Now this job she’s got to pull should be straight forward but her sister is an obstacle. Agatha knows Zoe isn’t 100% legit so suspects something is up…nothing like making life hard work.

Gran is a wise woman, never was a truer phrase said: “Know your friends. Don’t trust easily, but once trust is earned pay it back.” She’s definitely one to watch… she’s an entertaining soul throughout the story!

Maxwell has written a short sharp escapade with a proper festive backdrop of a snowy Christmas with fancy dress parties, family time and plenty of overindulgence. If you want to take your first trip to Kilchester or make a return one, Come On Steal The Noise is the ideal way to spend an evening in the run up to Christmas!

Who Is Adam Maxwell?

Crime writer. Idiot. Genius. Liar. Adam is many things including, if his LinkedIn Profile is to be believed, an ex-Private Investigator. What can be said for certain is that he is a writer with a passion for a gripping, criminally good story and a writer with a unique, darkly comic take on the genre.

Adam lives in a quiet seaside village in the wilds Northumberland with his wife and daughter where he cultivates his misanthropy and fear of crowds. He is a terrible, terrible human being. The sort of person who will laugh at his own jokes when he reads his stories. Really, if I were you, I’d avoid him at all costs.

Slick, funny and surreal.” The Guardian.

My attention was kidnapped as my eyes devoured it!” A Knight’s Reads