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Happy Monday everyone! I’m delighted to be kicking off the Unscripted blog tour alongside the Bantam book worm that is Kate over at Portable Magic!

A massive thank you to the talented Sarah Hardy of Book On The Bright Side Publicity for inviting me on the blog tour and for my e-copy of Unscripted.

The Blurb

Nobody is a bigger fan of actor Thomas Cassidy than Libby is. Nobody. That’s why she’s totally going to marry him.

She is going to write a novel, name the main character after Thom, and find a way to get it to him. Intrigued and flattered, he will read it, fall in love with her prose, write to her and ask to turn it into a movie. She will pretend to think about it for a week or so, then say, sure, but can I work on it with you? Their eyes will meet over the script, and fade to black.

It is a fail-proof plan. Except for the fact that Thom is a Hollywood star, and she is, well, not. Except for the fact that he lives in America. Except, too, for the tiny age gap. Not even twenty years! Totally overcomable.

All of the obstacles are totally overcomable. It’s all about determination.

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What Did I Think?

“Why do people have the hold on us that they do?”

Libby is obsessed, obsessed with Thom Cassidy. So obsessed that she writes a book about him and her. Now we’ve all had our celeb crushes, devouring every column inch about them, watched everything they’ve been in, repeatedly. But they tend to end when you’re a teenager right? (Except Tom Hardy….and Tom Ellis….and Jason Statham…ok I’ll stop) Not for Libby….

But this isn’t just about Libby’s crush/obsession. It’s about other people’s obsessions. Ebba, a girl hurt by the man she loves; Dan , devoted to his oblivious best friend…. love just isn’t fair sometimes…

Claire Handscombe has interwoven different threads of life to create a tapestry of love, heartbreak and discovery. I was invested in these characters, wanting them all to be happy which I knew wasn’t possible if they followed their dreams and hearts.

Unscripted is a story of unrequited love and the journey to finding happiness. As the chapters swapped between the different characters, I got an insight to their various emotional thoughts. As the story developed, so did the emotions. Will Libby get her man? Only reading Unscripted will tell you that!

Who Is Claire Handscombe?

Claire Hanscombe

Claire Handscombe is a British writer who moved to Washington, DC in 2012, ostensibly to study for an MFA, but actually, let’s be honest, because of an obsession with The West Wing. She was recently longlisted for the Bath Novel Award, and her journalism, poetry, and essays have appeared in a wide variety of publications, including Bustle, Book Riot, Writing Magazine, and the Washington Post. She works as a bookseller at East City Bookshop on Capitol Hill and is the host of the Brit Lit Podcast, a fortnightly show of news and views from British books and publishing.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClaireHandscombe/

Twitter: @bookishclaire

Goodreads Author Page: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5178862.Claire_Handscombe

Blog: https://britlitblog.com/

Website: https://www.unscriptednovel.com

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