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First Hand (A L Fraine)

So some of you will remember I recently reviewed A. L. Fraine’s The Upper Hand. Well I enjoyed it so much that I jumped straight into the prequel First Hand which the author is very generously giving away if you join his mailing list.

Many thanks to the author for my copy of First Hand.

The Blurb

***This is a prequel to “The Upper Hand”, and is available for FREE through my Mailing List***

A woman is killed in a stone circle in Ireland, and the police have no leads. 
But Kate O’Connell, the victim’s niece and close friend, is sure she knows who did it, and want’s justice…

Ten years before Kate becomes a Detective on the Surrey Murder Team, she suffered the loss of her aunt in a brutal killing on the outskirts of Cork, Ireland. 

Stricken with grief, the sixteen-year-old Kate grows frustrated with the apparent lack of progress made by the Irish Garda in hunting down Fiona’s killer. 

To Kate, it’s simple. Fiona was like a sister to her, and shared everything, including the actions of her ex-boyfriend who used to violently beat her. 

He’d been stalking her again just days before her murder, and Kate was well aware of what he was capable of.

It had to be him. He must be the killer, and Kate has decided to take it upon herself to bring him to justice. 

But nothing is ever that easy…

What Did I Think?

First Hand is an introduction to Kate O’Connell before she joins Surrey police in The Upper Hand. This brief tale gives a bit of background to events in Kate’s life when her aunt was brutally murdered.

What happens in Ireland was meant to stay in Ireland as Kate snuck there under her own steam. But these events are alluded to in The Upper Hand and is the start of Kate’s journey into becoming a detective.

This is a short sharp read, devoured in under half an hour with a cup of tea. The sinister prologue totally sets the scene for First Hand and what appears to be a promising and intriguing series from A. L. Fraine.

Who Is A L Fraine?

A L Fraine lives in Surrey in the UK, just outside of London, with his wife, kids, cat and dog.

Having enjoyed reading thrillers and watching gripping drama for years, it was the influence of a couple of more recent shows that spurred him on to put pen to paper and write his first thriller, The Upper Hand.

If you would like to know more about A L Fraine and his books, you can find him at