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Whooop Whooop!! I’m thrilled to be closing the blog tour for Adam Southward’s debut novel Trance.

Big thanks to Ellen Casey (formerly) of for inviting me on the blog tour and for my advanced copy of Trance. I also downloaded a copy of Trance as my Kindle First choice for June.

The Blurb

His victims are powerless. He is in control. This is his revenge – and he’s only just begun.

Three university scientists are found dead in a gruesome murder-suicide, and the only suspect in the case, Victor Lazar, is quickly captured. When the spate of violent suicides follows him to prison he is moved to solitary confinement, reserved for the highest-risk inmates. And then his assigned psychologist inexplicably takes his own life.

Alex Madison, a former forensic psychologist turned private therapist, is brought in to interview Victor. He suspects that Victor is controlling his victims, somehow coaxing them into a suggestive trance. It seems like science fiction, but as Alex digs deeper he uncovers a frightening reality of secret research and cruel experimentation – and the perpetrators are closer to home than he could ever have imagined.

Too late, Alex learns the true extent of what Victor is capable of – and who he’s after. With everything he holds dear at risk, can Alex take control of a dangerous mind – before it takes control of him?

What Did I Think?

I’ve met some seriously unnerving characters over the years and Victor is one of them. He’s a sinister man with one hell of a “talent”. The more I read about him, the more unnerved I felt. He’s a man on a mission and with his ability, he’s a dangerous man to try and stop.

This rather twisted tale works well with the jumps between the present day with Alex trying to delve into Victor’s mind and the past where I learnt about how Victor came to be the man he is. The past makes the present and the past makes for some horrifying reading as Victor’s experiences are revealed.

As Alex was trying to find out more about Victor’s history, I was trying to second guess what was coming next but the author’s writing was always one step ahead of me. Just as I thought I knew where I was heading, the story took a turn and I was blindsided.

I really enjoyed Trance. Having a psychologist as the main character in what is a twist on a police procedural series makes for a refreshing change. Adam Southward has written a high psychological concept thriller which made for a cracking debut. I’ll definitely be getting myself a copy of the follow up Pain when it’s out in November.

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Who Is Adam Southward?

Adam Southward

Adam Southward is a philosophy graduate with a background in IT. The main character’s anxiety disorder in Trance is inspired by Adam’s personal experience of mental health. His philosophy degree inspired ethical questions in the book, such as: which is stronger, nature or nurture? How far is too far in the name of scientific progress?

Adam lives on the south coast of England with his young family.