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Woo hoo!! What a way to start the week!! I’m thrilled to be hosting the blog tour for Alex Kane’s No Looking Back!  I read the original of this book, Chasing The Traveller when it came out in late 2017. But this is the new sparkly version being published by one of the newest publishers on the block, Hera Books!!

Big thanks to the fabulous Sarah Hardy of Book on the Bright Side Publicity for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Hera Books for my copy of No Looking Back which I received through Netgalley.

The Blurb

He’ll find you… unless you find him first.

Kat Denton is a woman running away from her past. For the past sixteen years, her life has been a living hell as Jimmy, the man she fell in love with as a teenager, becomes ever more cruel and abusive. Following the fire that killed her parents, leaving her an orphan when she was just a teenager, Kat is utterly alone and can’t see a way out.

Until the day she finds out that she’s pregnant. Vowing to protect her child from Jimmy’s violence, Kat decides to fight for survival – for her and her unborn baby.

Fleeing the traveller camp that has been her lifelong home isn’t easy. But along with her sister in law, Kat escapes with just the clothes on her back and the one photograph she has of her parents.

Kat, along with her baby girl Lucia, starts to build a better life. But when she looks into what really happened in her parents’ death Kat uncovers dark secrets – including a revelation that will lead Kat back to the place she had been so desperate to run away from. Is she strong enough to uncover the truth and save everything that she loves most, or will Jimmy Denton have his revenge?

Previously published as Chasing the Traveller

A fast-paced, totally unputdownable crime thriller that fans of Mel Sherratt, Mandasue Heller and Kimberley Chambers will absolutely love.

What Did I Think?

Kat believes she is alone in her world, no family of her own, taken in by the Dentons and married to Jimmy. He beats her, doesn’t matter the reason but he batters her for any reason. But that day finally comes where she finds the one person to help her break the cycle and get out.

I really felt for Kat, desperate to escape the daily punishments for frequently nothing in her control. I admire her balls for getting out. What I read after her escape was a journey of self discovery. Kat had to learn how to live her own life, one without fear, one where she can be herself and learn to be a mum. I loved getting to knew “new” Kat, watching this young woman spreading her wings in her new life.

I personally think Alex Kane has portrayed the emotional spectrum of a woman in Kat’s situation. I’ve never experienced what Kat went through with Jimmy but the emotions I felt reading what happened to her both before and after her escape, felt real. The constant fear of running into him or one of his cronies.

Alex Kane has written a fabulous thriller packed with tension and emotion. The characters are so lifelike, picturing the story unfold was so easy. If you like a tense thriller with strong characters, you can’t go wrong with No Looking Back. 

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 Who is Alex Kane?

author image

Alex Kane is a psychological thriller writer who lives in Glasgow. She is a huge fan of the genre, with her favourite authors in the genre being Lisa Hall, BA Paris and Sarah Stovell. If she is not writing, she can be found drinking tea or gin, taking cat selfies and obsessing over Tom Hardy.

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