This is the month that was….

…February. It’s a busy month in the Knight household; not only was it Valentine’s Day ❤️ but it was double birthdays! It was my birthday however three days before it was my eldest’s 8th birthday and unsurprisingly, it gets the attention.. But I did get spoilt in my own way by friends and family with books, gin and sweet treats…. and an amazing poster that has the full Murder On The Orient Express text on it. Just need a frame not to stick up in my reading corner – watch out on Instagram for that!

And how’s about this glorious weather? Warmest February in years!! I’ve even been hanging washing out and going out without any sort of jacket! And to think back in October, the headlines were suggesting we’d have four (!) months of snow and ice…I for one am seriously relieved they got it wrong! Just need to get through March now!

What have I read?

I’m slowly knocking through the blog tour reads. With the aforementioned birthdays, I didn’t read as much as normal so I’ve not made a dent in #mountTBR. Fingers crossed for March!

What Have I Posted?

I’ve reviewed eight fabulous books this month, each well worth picking up! You can catch up on my reviews through the links below.

The Puppet Show by M.W. Craven – review

Dark of Night by CS Duffy – review

Dead Pretty by Candy Denman – review

Russian Roulette by Keith Nixon – review

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides – review

Her Last Lie by Ella Drummond – review

Where Angels Fear by D.K. Hood – review

The Scent of Death by Simon Beckett – review

What Am I Planning To Read?

This are the upcoming blog tour reads but I’m also half way through a bit of an impulse buy which I’m hoping to finish over the next week or so; something entirely different to my usual read.

What’s Coming Up?

As you can see, there are some fab new authors and some firm favourites coming in March! I’m also hoping to squeeze another of my Bookish Small Screen Viewing posts so watch this space!!

So what have you been reading in February? Have you read anything I’ve read? What did you think?

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