Bookish small screen viewing…..part two

So I have continued my book themed watching, a little bit more by design rather than accident as with the previous post.

If you didn’t read my first post of Bookish small screen viewing, you can catch it here.  I’m hoping to carry on with my bookish small screen viewing into 2019.  So if you’ve got any recommendations for me, let me know.

The House on the Haunted Hill

Hill House

Perfect for the run up to Hallowe’en (yes yes yes I know it’s December now!), this is a creepy modern day take of Shirley Jackson’s novel of the same name. I’ve got to admit, I’ve not read Ms Jackson’s novel, but I think I might need to!

I got chills and goosebumps as I watched this Netflix Original series. Even the opening credits are sinister! I felt totally freaked out as I continued through the series.  Must admit, I got a bit confused with the final episode and had to watch it twice – that’ll teach me for faffing on my phone when I should be concentrating!

This is one series I would recommend if you like a fright but for me, it’s definitely a daytime viewing!

Poirot – The Mysterious Affair At Styles


After so many of you told me that David Suchet was your Poirot, I felt I needed to see this man in action. Yes despite loving the bungling Belge, I’ve never watched the ITV adaptation of the Christie novels! 😱

As there were only 7 episodes available on the ITV Hub, I plumped The Mysterious Affair At Styles to watch knowing full well this was the first of the Poirot novels. This was also one that I don’t know the story of so was trying to fathom out who was the murderer along with Poirot.

It didn’t have the look of the silver screen movies but then again, they’ll have been done on a much small budget.  David Suchet does play a good Poirot however I believe that as with Doctor Who, you have your own personal Poirot and as I’ve come to this incarnation later in life, he won’t knock my love of Albert Finney or Peter Ustinov off the top spot.  But this is my opinion, don’t hate me for it! I’ll definitely be watching more of Mr Suchet’s Poirot when I get the chance.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


Yes ladies and gentlemen, Sabrina Spellman originates from the book world … comic books from Archie Comics and she first appeared in 1971! I used to love watch Sabrina The Teenage Witch starring Melissa Joan Hart and had to see what this Netflix reboot would be like!

There were points as I watched the first episode where a face would appear and I’d have one of three reactions – a smile as I recognised them instantly, do a double take and think “noooo that can’t be xxx” or think “I know your face” and head to iMDB to satisfy my curiosity, going “aaaa” when I found them.

It’s a grown up Sabrina programme, there are a lot of dark themes covered, bullying witch style, demon possession, cannibalism not to mention the usual teenage traumas. I’ve really enjoyed Part 1 of this reboot and can’t wait to catch Part 2 in April when the second half premieres!

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