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I loved Allan Watson’s Heart Swarm when I read it last year so I’m thrilled to be getting the chance to return to the world of DI Will Harlan. Just so you know, Wasp Latitudes is currently a bargain 99p over at Amazon UK. Don’t forget to pop over to Ginger Book Geek to catch the other stop on the blog tour today.

Big thanks to the fabulous Sarah Hardy of Book on the Bright Side Publicity for inviting me on the blog tour.

The Blurb

Against a background of brutal attacks on people and property by a rag-tag group of homeless men whom the media quickly dub Berserkers, DI Will Harlan is juggling with a head-in-a-bucket patricide, a lethal wife-swapping session, a sex-tape scandal involving the Royal Scottish National Orchestra – and perhaps most discomfiting of all – a spate of late night phone calls from his favourite serial killer, Howie Danks.

As the wife-swapping investigation spirals into a glut of cold-blooded slayings carried out by a mysterious pair of killers known as the Wasp Queen and the Priest, Harlan has to look into the past where a cold case may contain uncomfortable answers. But it’s in the present where the real danger lies as he follows a twisted path of mind control and madness leading to a cruel land some call the Wasp Latitudes.

What Did I Think?

What a shocking start! How could a father do that to his own daughter? He must have found something so bad! This opening chapter totally sets the scene for this twisted Scottish crime thriller.  But how on earth does this crime of passion, mercy (or whatever you want to call it) link to the gruesome murders that lay ahead for Will Harlan and the team.

The characters and the situations Mr Watson has created are larger than life.  I really felt for Norma – what has Frankie got her into?! Howie Danks is a creepy man!! Each time he rings Harlan I got the shivers. What cryptic message is he set to deliver to our Will??

The story jumps around which kept my attention through out. It wasnt all about the investigation, different threads to the story. The lead up to each murder and then getting the sinister perpetrator’s warped I get a sense of the author’s sense of humour in the odd pop culture reference.  It made me smile in this dark tale.

Even though this is the second in the series, there is enough background for you to read Wasp Latitudes as a standalone.  However I would highly recommend that you get your hands on Heart Swarm as this is another cracking crime thriller from the author. Allan Watson definitely writes very dark unexpected crime fiction and I like it….. I’ll be looking out to see the next horrific case he puts Harlan and the team through.


Who Is Allan Watson?


Allan Watson is a writer whose work leans towards the dark end of the fiction spectrum. He is the author of seven novels – Dreaming in the Snakepark, Carapace, The Garden of Remembrance, 1-2-3-4, Monochrome, Heart Swarm and Wasp Latitudes.

In between the books, Allan wrote extensively for BBC Radio Scotland, churning out hundreds of comedy sketches, in addition to being a regular contributor for the world famous ‘Herald Diary’.

He occasionally masquerades as a composer/musician, collaborating with crime writer Phil Rickman in a band called Lol Robinson with Hazey Jane II whose albums have sold on four different continents (Antarctica was a hard one to crack).

Allan lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland, but has never worn the kilt or eaten a deep fried Mars Bar. He also once spent three days as a stand-in guitarist for the Bay City Rollers, but he rarely talks much about that…



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