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I’ve got something a little different for you today! The lovely CS Duffy has created a blog tour with a difference – it’s a story hunt! Follow the tour to follow the story….If you’ve not seen any of the previous posts, head back to the beginning at Chapter In My Life and get reading!!

Who Is C.S. Duffy?


C.S. Duffy writes psychological suspense thrillers with a healthy dose of black humour. Her background is in film and TV. She has several projects in development in Sweden and the UK and her other writing has appeared in Elle Canada and The Guardian. She is the author of Life is Swede, a thriller that was originally written as a blog – leading several readers to contact Swedish news agencies asking them why they hadn’t reported the murder that features in the blog. She is the author of Dark of Night and Just Before Dawn, a thriller series set in Glasgow which was selected for a Spotlight slot at this year’s Bloody Scotland.

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So now you know about the author and where to get the Darkness series, it’s time for the next instalment which is unlucky number 13….Enjoy!

Chapter 13 

At the dentist’s a couple of years previously, Lorna had found herself flicking through one of those doorstep-thick glossy magazines that’s a weird juxtaposition between intellectual long-reads and make-up adverts. She’d stumbled across a feature on serial killers, and had got so into it that when her name was, she called she stuffed the magazine into her bag. She hadn’t really meant to nick it, but had forgotten about it being in her bag until she was halfway home. For months afterwards she crossed the road to avoid the dentists, flush with mortification at being an accidental thief.

The article was on what makes a serial killer – are they born or made, can you predict future violence in a child, that kind of thing. The part that really caught Lorna’s eye was a quotation from an eminent forensic psychologist describing how the potential killer’s behaviour escalates. They start with minor crimes – peeping, dodgy internet porn, thieving pants off washing lines – then graduate to sexual assault.

On the next page, the article described how serial killers often attempt a murder or two before succeeding. There was a sidebar detailing how one of Ted Bundy’s first victims escaped because she played dead and he scarpered. Practice makes perfect, Lorna had thought with a wry grin, then shuddered.

On the way home from the dentist’s, her mouth giving off that weird tingly sensation that always made her worry she was dribbling, it suddenly crossed Lorna’s mind that Stuart Henderson hadn’t had any practice goes. She remembered some of the media making a point of that, the way he had emerged from nowhere as a fully fledged monster, in total control over his victims, knowing exactly what he was doing from his very first kill.

Now, she couldn’t believe she hadn’t made the connection before. Stuart Henderson was from Springburn – where the nurse who had wanted to be a dancer was killed. Lorna took the steps up to her flat two at a time, her mind racing. Henderson would only have been fourteen or fifteen at the time of her death, but her murder had all the hallmarks of a panicked, unplanned first kill. That was why the FBI had never found his early crimes: they were gathering dust in some pile of unsolved crimes in Glasgow.

Lorna opened her laptop and drummed her fingers on it, her heart hammering as she tried to think of the right search terms. Half an hour later, she had found the connection between Stuart Henderson and the murdered nurse. She just didn’t understand why the old lady had lied to her.

DUN DUN DUN!!!!! If you want to read on, you need to pop over to Rosepoint Publishing for tomorrow’s instalment!!

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