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After He's Gone

So today I’m sharing my thoughts on Jane Isaac’s latest police procedural After He’s Gone where we meet DC Beth Chamberlain.  The follow up Presumed Guilty is out in December!

The Blurb

You think you know him. Until he’s dead.

When Cameron Swift is gunned down outside his family home, DC Beth Chamberlain is appointed Family Liaison Officer: a dual role that requires her to support the family, and also investigate them.

As the case unfolds and the body count climbs, Beth discovers that nothing is quite as it appears and everyone, it seems, has secrets.

Even the dead…

What Did I Think?

What a shocker of a start! The unassuming Cameron Swift, getting ready to go play golf, is shot on his driveway. He’s not upset anyone, investment manager, loving father and partner.  Why would anyone want to kill this man??

The more I read of this police procedural, the more I questioned “Who is Cameron Swift?” just as the anonymous tweet told us to. He started to be come a multi-layered man – did anyone really know him? As I read, I believed the whole story hinges on Beth finding out who Cameron Swift really was!!!There are secrets under every rock and Beth keeps turning the rocks over to find out what lurks beneath.  Is that secret related to Cameron’s demise?

Beth playing the role of an FLO made a refreshing change to the normal detective police procedural. I saw more of the family life the vicitim left behind. The difficulties Beth faced trying to gain the trust of Cameron Swift’s nearest and dearest and continue the investigation from the inside. Beth is a little different as she doesn’t come with usual baggage that a lot of detectives come with however she is not whiter than white and her life is far from simple.

I like the way Jane Isaac had sporadic chapters with different characters to give little perspectives of the story and make you question what’s going on. I don’t want to give away anything but this book is packed with surprises! Just as I thought I had my suspect sorted, my theory is well and truly blown out the water!!

If you love your police procedurals, why not meet Beth Chamberlain?  I think this girl could go far…..

Who Is Jane Isaac?

Jane Isaac is married to a serving detective (very helpful for research!). They live in rural Northamptonshire, UK with their daughter, and dog, Bollo. Jane’s debut novel, An Unfamiliar Murder, introduces DCI Helen Lavery and was nominated as best mystery in the ‘eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook awards 2013.’

The Truth Will Out, the second in the DCI Helen Lavery series, was nominated as ‘Thriller of the Month – April 2014’ by and winner of ‘Noveltunity book club selection – May 2014′.

Jane’ s sixth novel, After He’s Gone, features Family Liaison Officer, DC Beth Chamberlain and was released in June 2018. The second Beth Chamberlain novel will follow later in 2018.

Jane loves to hear from readers and writers. You can reach her via her website at

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