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It’s my great pleasure to welcome the blog blitz for Patricia Dixon’s Over My Shoulder to #AKnightsReads. It sounds a cracker of a book and what’s more I’ve got a fascinating guest post for you all!

Big thanks to the fab Sarah Hardy of Bloodhound Books for inviting me to join the blog blitz!

The Blurb

Girl meets boy. They fall in love. Sounds simple? It isn’t.

When Freya falls for the manipulative Kane, her life changes beyond her wildest imagination. When the luxurious life she craves gradually becomes intolerable she realises escape is out of reach. Her life has changed and so has she.

She knows that when she least expects it, he will return and make good his promise to exact revenge and ensure she pays the price he fell he is owed.

Can Freya ever be free?

Whoever knew love could be so dangerous.

Following Freya from her carefree twenties up to the present day, Over My Shoulder is an intricate tale of blinkered love and obsession.

The Guest Post – My Writing Inspiration

This is the first time I’ve had two books released together and it’s all been rather exciting, from the moment I spotted an intriguing message in my inbox from Bloodhound Books to now, when the finished product is out there, all alone in the virtual world. I always become very attached to my characters as I write their stories and it’s hard to let them go. I feel quite bereft once I’ve typed THE END and for a few days afterwards I’m a bit lost. I think it’s because I get to know them so well. I am inside their minds, I think and feel as they would, I create their world, and sometimes I end it. I am responsible for them and how they will be perceived, like an imaginary parent, their creator, so it’s no wonder they become a part of my life for months.

Despite such a disparity in genre, Over My Shoulder and They Don’t Know have many things in common, like the setting – my home city of Manchester. In both stories, love, relationships and friendships are explored, family bonds are tested and damaged or glued together and unbreakable. We join both sets of characters as young adults and follow them as they grow and in doing so, I hope to nurture a bond between the reader and my lead protagonists, even the not so nice ones.

I look at the two books as twins, the dark and disturbing one and then the more genial, easy to be with child yet within both you will find elements of darkness and control, you might see it coming or notice it gradually as the story unfolds, but it is there and all you have to do is look.

Over My Shoulder is written in the first person and for this book in particular I wanted the reader to have a personal conversation with Freya, accompany her while she remembers the past, hold her hand and even when you are cross and exasperated, want to scream for her to stop and think, please stay with her to the end because she needs you.

In They Don’t Know, I would love for you to listen to the song by Kirsty MacColl, before you begin as it will form a soundtrack to the story and I promise that by the end it will all make sense.

I take my inspiration from life in general, stories I hear from friends and family and things I read in the news. Most people think that their everyday lives are boring but they’re not, far from it. How we humans interact with each other and deal with what life throws at us makes us fascinating and if there aren’t actually any aliens monitoring us from space, they’re missing a trick!

They Don’t Know was a merging of two ideas, an article I read in a magazine that I found both fascinating and touching, a subject that could lead to misunderstandings and perhaps in some cases, prejudice. And then the words of one of my favourite songs, a tune that tells a story of two people whose love is also misunderstood. We all have our own take on what lyrics mean, but these lingered and reached my soul. I wondered why the two young lovers were having such a hard time yet despite all that, they didn’t care and stuck together. I absolutely adore the characters of Daisy, Adam and Ryan, in fact the whole cast was a joy to write and I really did feel very sad when I let them go, but perhaps we will meet them again in another book, who knows?

Over My Shoulder is a tale of two parts, the second section is complete fiction, a story I wrote a few years ago that I’d left to simmer while I concentrated on my French collection of books. It was after receiving a message, very similar to the one in the book, which unleashed demons from the past and I knew it was time to write the first half. In some ways it was like exorcising a ghost, ridding my head of memories and attaching them to a fictional character. Freya’s story isn’t biographical, more an essence of what it’s like to fall under the spell of someone bad for you, remembering instances and tell-tale traits, examples of nasty behaviour and the dreadful draining existence one leads if you are being stalked. But somehow it detached me from the past. Maybe because I was writing about someone else simply freed me. Then I joined the two stories together and voila!

Now both of my babies are out there, let loose on the big bad world, I hope you will be kind to them if you read their stories, listen well, watch for the signs, and heed the message. And afterwards, if you should meet someone that reminds you of Freya or Adam and Daisy, perhaps you will take a moment to think, don’t judge or presume, consider their hearts, hold out your hand, and take them under your wings

Patricia Dixon

Thank you Patricia for that fab insight into Over My Shoulder. As it’s the last day of the blog blitz, why not go and find the other posts from today and the last three days!

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Who Is Patricia Dixon?


Patricia Dixon was born in Manchester where she still lives with her husband. They have two grown up children and one grandson, plus the company of a lazy bulldog.

Ignoring her high school reports and possibly sound advice from teachers, Patricia shunned the world of academia and instead, stubbornly pursued a career in fashion. Once the sparkle of London life wore off she returned north and embarked on a new adventure, that of motherhood.

Now, almost thirty years later she has acquiesced to the wise words of her elders and turned her hand to writing. Patricia has written five novels set in the Loire and then, in complete contrast, a much darker story of psychological suspense.

She is currently writing her next book, a murderous tale set in the sixties and if she’s not at her desk Patricia loves to read historical fiction or attempts recipes that look great on television but not necessarily her plate. And when the penny jar is full she cashes in her coins and heads to France, the lure of red wine and escapism equalled only by the pursuance of her dream job, writing for a living.


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