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I’m thrilled to be hosting the Before Her Eyes πŸ‘€ blog tour today. I loved Jack Jordan’s novel My Girl so I was hoping for another shocker of a read!

Massive thanks to Kirsty Dooley of Corvus Books for my copy of Before Her Eyes and for inviting me on the blog tour!

The Blurb

She can’t see the killer.

But the killer can see her…

Naomi Hannah has been blind since birth. Struggling with living in a small, claustrophobic town, Naomi contemplates ending her life. But then she stumbles across the body of a young woman who has been brutally murdered. She senses someone else there at the scene – watching her. Naomi may not be able to see the killer’s face, but she is still the only person who can identify him.

As the police begin hunting the person responsible and more victims are discovered, Naomi is forced to answer the question on which her fate hangs: why did the killer let her live?

In a town this small, the murderer must be close, perhaps even before her very eyes…

What Did I Think?

When I started Before Her Eyes, I had high hopes. My Girl was one of my favourite books of 2016, it blew my mind with the bombshells! So was this offering from Mr Jordan going to do to me?!

My attention was grabbed straight away with the opener. Who was the unfortunate victim be buried and who was this cold hearted burier? My mind kept going back to this snippet as I read the rest of the book!

I had so many questions circling my head as the story unfolded before my eyes (sorry folks totally unintentional). What is Grace hiding? How are the current murders linked to the disappearance of Hayley Miller 20 years ago? Is Naomi the missing link and why?

Jack Jordan has again triumphantly created a brilliant cast to star in this crime thriller. They’re a right mix but they fit their roles perfectly. I really didn’t like DI Lisa Elliott, what a biatch! Not interested in the truth, just a conviction. In total contrast, I loved DS Marcus Campbell; the ideal detective dedicated to catching the real culprit and protecting the innocent! And poor Naomi, I can’t imagine how it is to be blind but I think Mr Jordan has given me a fair idea of what it would be like to lose my sight.

The book just keeps giving with its dark twists. Just when you think you’ve got to the end, BANG Jack Jordan pulls the rug from under your feet and shows you his final hand. And what a hand 😲😲

I hope I’ve persuaded you that you do need to read Before Her Eyes. Don’t forget to catch all the other fabulous posts on the blog tour!

Who Is Jack Jordan?

Jack Jordan is the global number one bestselling author of Anything for Her (2015), My Girl (2016), A Woman Scorned (2018), and Before Her Eyes (2018). He wrote his first novel at seventeen and self-published his first two e-book bestsellers by the age of twenty four. He lives in East Anglia.

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