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There’s some books that there is a lot of excitement about and Steve Cavanagh’s Th1rt3en is one of those books. The big question is, does it deserve the hype?

The Blurb




‘To your knowledge, is there anything that would preclude you from serving on this jury?’

Murder wasn’t the hard part. It was just the start of the game.

Joshua Kane has been preparing for this moment his whole life. He’s done it before. But this is the big one.

This is the murder trial of the century. And Kane has killed to get the best seat in the house.

But there’s someone on his tail. Someone who suspects that the killer isn’t the man on trial.

Kane knows time is running out – he just needs to get to the conviction without being discovered.

What Did I Think?

You’ve got to admit, the tag line on the front of the book is very eye catching and mind boggling. The only book I’ve read in the past that involves dodgy juries or jury tampering was John Grisham’s The Runaway Jury. Reading Th1rt3en was a very different experience, in a good way may I add!

Now I’ve only read the first Eddie Flynn book, The Defence but he captured my imagination straight away. Eddie is the conscience of the legal profession. I adore him. He only taking the cases he believes are the ones where the defendant is innocent. He’s not just about making money, he defends the ones that need justice in their side!! He’s a lawyer with principles!

Meanwhile in the the other corner, we have Kane and oh my he is totally nuts, he seems to get enjoyment playing his part of the story …. but he’s got his ears to the ground and is one step ahead of the law! Who is his inside man…or is it a woman?! Either way he’s a nasty piece of work who’s cold and calculating, perfectly created by the author!

“You could live next to one (serial killer) and never know it”

Mr Cavanagh, this is what I call a page turner! I flew through it. I found Th1rt3en very easy to read and be submerged into the NY scene. And I loved the split chapters between Flynn and Kane, getting to both their heads, both wanting different things out of this complicated murder case. But the big question is, can Eddie solve the case that the police thought was open and shut before the trial is over?!

Even though this is the fourth Eddie Flynn book, it can be read as a stand alone. And you so should read this rollercoaster of a book!! #thatbookthathook

Who Is Steve Cavanagh?

Steve Cavanagh is a critically acclaimed, award-winning author and lawyer. He is also one half of the Two Crime Writers and a Microphone podcast.

Find out more at or follow Steve on Twitter @SSCav

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