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Welcome to my stop of the Bluethroat Morning blog tour and what an atmospheric cover we have here!  I’ll be sharing an extract from Jacqui Lofthouse’s novel which you can pre-order now and it should hit your kindle in the morning as it is out tomorrow!!  The pre-publication price of 99p/99¢ is a special offer which ends today!!

Jacqui has also written an little post about the blog tour which you can catch here.

Huge thanks to Stephanie Zia of Blackbird Digital Books for inviting me to join the blog tour for Bluethroat Morning.

The Blurb

Alison Bliss, celebrity model and critically acclaimed writer, walks into the sea one ‘bluethroat morning’. In death she becomes a greater icon than in life, and the Norfolk village where she lived is soon a place of pilgrimage. Six years later her husband Harry, a schoolteacher, is still haunted by her suicide and faithful to her memory. Until he meets Helen and they fall in love.

Harry and Helen’s relationship initiates a return to the scene of Alison’s death where they meet ninety-eight year old Ern Higham, and a tale is revealed that has been generations in the making. As Harry pieces together a tragic history and finally confronts his own pain, he discovers that to truly move forward, first he must understand the past…

The Extract

We walked in silence. The air was dry and still, the ground parched. The rough path that we trod had been baked hard; cracks spread out beneath our feet. And I was struck by the contrast between the warmth that now permeated my body and the dreadful coldness I had experienced the last time I was here. Then, the trees were bare and black, the ground sodden. Alison had never liked the English climate: dark skies could drain her spirit. I imagined her walking this lane, muffled in thick jumpers and scarves, wearing jeans, her boots plunging into the mud, her hair rain-sodden. Was it possible that we were in the same place? That two such scenes could coexist in time?

We walked around a bend in the lane. I still don’t know what I expected to see or feel. It seems, in retrospect, like an artful game played by the gods. Such things don’t happen in real life. At least, I didn’t used to think so. Now I’m resigned to the nature of chance. I know that months and years can pass when one feels that life is an aimless series of unconnected events. But I also know that there can be times when every event appears significant, as if everything that has ever happened to you has its place in a strange yet almost imperceptible pattern whose greater purpose remains unclear.

I saw the sign almost immediately. It was large and red and it stood out against the scorched landscape. TO LET.

‘It’s that one,’ I said, almost nonchalantly. ‘The one with the “To Let” sign.’


Well there you have it…has that whet your appetite to read more?!  You can catch up with some of the other stops on the blog tour and see what these fabulous bloggers thought of the book!

Who Is Jacqui Lofthouse?

Jacqui Lofthouse began her career in radio production and media training. In 1992 she studied for her MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia under Malcolm Bradbury and Rose Tremain. She is the author of four novels, The Temple of Hymen (Hamish Hamilton/Penguin 1995/1996), Bluethroat Morning (Bloomsbury 2000/Blackbird 2018), Een Stille Verdwijning, (De Bezige Bij 2005) and The Modigliani Girl (Blackbird 2015). Her novels have sold over 100,000 copies in the UK, the USA and Europe and have been widely reviewed.

Praise for Jacqui’s novels The Temple of Hymen and Bluethroat Morning:

“A remarkable, often beautiful and startling piece of writing. A considerable achievement.” – John Mortimer

“Deceptive; entertaining and unusual” – Louis de Bernières

“A very impressive book… a superbly recreated historical period and a passionate investigation into femininity, all wrapped up in a mysterious and well-paced narrative.” – Jonathan Coe

“There are many elements to savour in this novel. Lofthouse has a fine eye for the bleak Norfolk landscape and how it both reflects and affects characters’ moods.”- Tracy Chevalier, Author of Girl with a Pearl Earring

A thriller full of twists and turns that keeps the reader guessing. Every word is magical, almost luminous” – Daily Mail