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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Publication Day to Chris Merritt!!!!!! Whoop whoop The Murder List is out today!!!! 🎉🎉🎉

Thank you to Bookouture for my early copy of The Murder List and to the amazing Noelle Holten for inviting me on the #BlogBlitz for this debut novel!

The Blurb

The lifeless body sat, hands bound, silver tape over his mouth. Patches of blood had soaked into the cheap carpet around him. Zac had spent years gaining scientific insight into the mind: human motivation and behaviour. And this scene wasn’t right…

It’s been five years since Detective Zac Boateng’s daughter was murdered and her killer was never found. Now Zac is back working for the Metropolitan Police and is more determined than ever to bring the city’s killers to justice.

When a man is found brutally murdered in a rundown south London shop, all fingers point to the highly intelligent and manipulative Darian Wallace. Two years ago, the victim helped send him to prison. And he’s just been released.

Still grieving, Zac knows it will take everything he’s got to catch this dangerously clever killer. But just as he feels he’s getting closer, he realises all is not quite as it seems and he makes a devastating personal discovery.

Zac has a choice to make – risk letting this killer escape or watch his daughter’s murderer get away again…

An absolutely gripping thriller for fans of Mark Billingham, Peter James and Lee Child. The Murder List is one fast-paced thriller you won’t be able to put down.

What Did I Think?

From the off, this book reminded me of Luther.  Not Lex Luthor, arch enemy of Superman; no, Luther, the BBC crime drama starring the delicious Idris Elba and I don’t know about you but I love Luther but that’s enough about me.  Zac Boateng is a tenacious detective, like a dog with a bone, wanting to bring justice to his community. He’s driven, driven by grief.  A grief that we find out about at the start of the book; I’ll warn you now, it’s a heart-breaking opener – even I shed a tear.

In The Murder List, we see a very dark side to our lead character.  You might think this is not an unusual trait for a crime thriller.  But Zac Boateng is running a double investigation; one above board with his team of detectives and one under the radar with his own personal agenda. Will he have to choose between the two?

The supporting cast are well crafted.  Darian Wallace, our antagonist, is a horrible evil man. He uses fear to rule with an iron fist, he’s a bully and a dangerous one at that.  I have to say I winced a few times when he was dishing out punishment – if you’re squeamish, you have been warned!  Kate Jones, Boetang’s right hand woman, is brilliant – I really liked the way she joined the team and hit the ground running after being stuck behind a desk in the cyber crime department.

This fast paced debut left me wanting more, more Boetang, more Jones….Come on Dr Merritt you’ve written your debut now, you need to follow it up as you’ve whet my appetite.

If you fancy discovering a new author right at the start, you can get The Murder List by clicking on the links below and remember it’s currently at a bargain price!!



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Who is Chris Merritt?

Chris Merritt 500

Chris Merritt is a Clinical Psychologist and former diplomat based in London, who has been writing on psychology since 2010. In 2014 he decided to combine his passion for writing with his love of crime fiction, and eventually came up with The Murder List, his debut novel. He currently works on a mental health research project at King’s College London, and part-time as a psychologist in the NHS. When not working or writing, he loves climbing and basketball, and dreams of one day being able to work from home enough to own a whippet.

You can catch up with Chris on Twitter and Goodreads!



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